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Coins #

Coins are the main currency for Black Box VR. You can earn Coins by performing well in battle and completing Achievements. Use your saved Coins to purchase Powerups, Chests, Champion Cards, and more!  Upgrading your Champions and items will help you to win more battles and earn more trophies!

So how do you get Coins from battle? There are a few ways:

  • Earn 1 Coin for every point of Energy Elixir you collect. Defeat an enemy, get their Elixir, and then get the same amount in Coins.
  • Earn Coins for completing repeatable and lifetime Achievements.
  • Earn Coins for completing today’s Battle Quests.
  • Earn a Coin bonus for winning your battle.
  • Earn a Coin bonus for every point you score on the scoreboard.

Do your best in every battle, focus on completing those Achievements, and then save up for something really good!