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Battle Achievements

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Battle Achievements #

During every battle, you’ll have the opportunity to strive for repeatable Achievements that will give you a Coin bounty for completing them.

These Achievements are tasks you can complete every time you enter the Arena. Examples of these types of Achievement are:

  • Complete 3 sets of Overhead Press
  • Perform 75 reps of Standing Row
  • Get 1 Hysterical Rep with Cable Squat
  • Complete 12 Exercise Sets
  • Deploy 30 Champions
  • Achieve 5 Multikills
  • Win a Round with Both Gates Destroyed
  • And many more!

Strive to complete as many Achievements as possible to get the most rewards and to show off to your friends!  The Achievements have been designed to incentivize you to get the best workout possible.

There are other types of Achievements in the app for overall stats and accomplishments.