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Matchmaking #

Our goal is to give you the ability to compete against other members at your level in real-time, just like a real sport. For now, you’ll compete against tougher and tougher computer opponents to test your abilities and move up the Arenas!

After your onboarding battles, you’ll be placed into a League based on your performance. This way you’ll be matched up against opponents that are around your same level.  Are you a superhuman athlete? You’ll go against the strongest NPCs!  Just getting started on your fitness journey? You’ll get matched with an opponent that you can handle. 

Every time you win a battle, you gain trophies and move up the Arena ladder. The higher you go, the more difficult the battle will be. The goal is to help you to also level up your fitness so you can handle tougher foes. That’s how you know you are improving! You can’t just run in place and expect to get anywhere. The only goal of Black Box VR is to help you reach your health, fitness, and appearance goals.