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Basics of Battle

Basics Of Battle #

Every workout battle is 30 minutes long. A countdown clock will start when the battle begins and when the time is up, the game is over and the athlete with the best score wins.

The Arena Layout #

The battlefield is approximately the size of an American football field. On each end is a platform. You will be on one platform and your competitor will be on the other, across from the field from you.

In front of each platform, there is a Crystal. The goal of the game is to destroy your competitor’s Crystal before they destroy yours!

The battlefield is divided into two lanes. There is an Energy Elixir trough in the middle that keeps each side separated. In each lane, there is a Gate protecting each athlete’s Crystal.

Around the battlefield is the stadium where the crowd will watch from. Outside of the stadium, you’ll see buildings, flora, and vehicles from that Arena’s universe.

The Scoreboard #

Above the battlefield is the scoreboard. On the scoreboard, you’ll see each team’s current score, the countdown clock showing how much time is left in this battle, the round number, and the Arena number.

Scoring #

So how do you score points? It’s simple:

  1. Destroying a Gate gives you 500 points.
  2. Destroying a Crystal gives you 1000 points.

When one of the Crystals is destroyed (yours or your competitor’s), the round is over and the field resets for the next round. You will complete as many rounds as you can in the 30-minute battle.

Because there are two competitor Gates for you to destroy and one Crystal, you can score a maximum of 2000 points per round.