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Future Game Plans

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Future Game Plans #

Over half a decade of work went into the current version of the Black Box VR game. Of course, we’re never satisfied and are working to make it even better for you.  

Here are a few of the things in our backlog:

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Gameplay
  • New Champions and Upgradeable Special Abilities
  • New Exercises and Attacks
  • New and Immersive Powerups
  • New Burner Exercises and Towers
  • New Sidekicks and Sidekick Skill Trees
  • Special Events
  • Side Game Modes
  • Variable Round Modes
  • Improved Graphics and VFX
  • Improved Sound Effects and Music
  • Real-Time Battle Streaming and Viewing
  • New Personal Stat Types and Tracking
  • Improved Arena Designs
  • Ability to Personalize Your Avatar, Locker Room, and Platform
  • Differentiated Boss Battles and Helmet Unlocks
  • Much, Much More!

Please send us your ideas, suggestions, and feedback! We listen to it all and it helps us improve the game for everybody.