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The Game

An experience that redefines fitness at a fundamental level. Heroes field warrior units and perform movements with real resistance to deploy direct damage, break through opposing gates and destroy the enemy crystal. Stronger lifts correspond to more powerful attacks. A session is comprised of as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes. The more crystals you destroy in each round, the more points you will earn! Win battles to earn trophies that allow you to move up to higher stadiums and rankings.

Learn How to Play The Black Box VR Game

Your Body
Is The Controller

You Are The Hero


Redefining The Fitness Experience

Your Army

Unlock Characters With Unique Attributes

The Black Box
VR Workout

What A Typical Workout Looks Like

Your Body
Is The Controller

In-game elements map to muscle groups

In the Black Box VR experience, muscle groups are represented by elements. The greater your strength, the higher your level. Exercises that work the legs for example are associated with water, and will have corresponding effects in the game. At any moment, your opponent can fight back more effectively if he or she uses the opposing element. The level of your weakest muscle group determines your overall rank, pushing you to maintain a well-rounded functional fitness. Black Box VR’s machine learning algorithms incentivise your the optimal workout so you can focus less on tracking and more on pushing yourself to the limit.


The thrill of victory is visceral

Using a combination of units and direct damage, you can break through opposing gates and destroy the enemy crystal. A session is comprised of a warmup followed by as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes. Get points for destroying gates and crystals to secure the win. The more wins you rack up, the more trophies you will take home! The Black Box Arena is packed with power-ups, upgrades, and reward boxes. One of the best ways to reap these rewards is to maintain a streak of consecutive workouts. Keep coming back on schedule, don’t miss a day, and you’ll stand out from the crowd and be healthier for it!

Earn Your Army

Upgrade your body, upgrade your characters


Units are purchased with energy throughout the game and fielded through active rest exercises. Each unit is one of the three element types, indicating that it is strong/weak vs another type. For example, a Fire Hawk is weak to the water element, so you would have the best chance of defeating it by performing a squat or deadlift (water attack).


Units on the field will attack other units, enemy gates, or even the enemy tower. Once upgraded, they might also have status effects they can inflict other units with, such as confuse, slow or damage over time. Once through the initial tutorial mode, players start with 3 common unit cards, corresponding to the three elements. New and potentially rare unit cards can be unlocked as the user wins matches and opens reward boxes.


Backed by exercise science, designed for fun

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