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The Black Box VR World

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The Black Box VR World #

When you enter your private workout booth and slip on the comfortable VR headset, you are transported to the Black Box world. Through this magical portal, you will slip beyond the constraints of our lonely universe and join billions of other civilizations in the quest to mine Energy Elixir. Energy Elixir is the base of every atomic particle and it gives the multiverse its energy. The more Energy Elixir, the better every universe becomes for its citizens! So how do we get more?

The Universal Unity Council (UUC) discovered that this energy source was actually generated by the living beings in each universe. The harder they worked and the more effort they passionately gave to their families and communities, the more Energy Elixir would be created!

The UUC came together to find more ways to incentivize citizens to give even more effort in their daily lives. That’s when they created the Arenas.

The Arenas are large stadiums where beings from other universes come together to compete for glory in a brand new sport. This sport would motivate citizens to become stronger, leaner, and more physically fit as they give their all in epic battles against other teams.

The Arenas help generate massive amounts of Energy Elixir in every showdown. That extra energy has helped improve the world for all.

Unfortunately, some civilizations have opted not to be a part of it. It looks like a war is brewing over who the Energy Elixir really belongs to and how it should be divided.

It’s not safe to discuss this publicly. We’ll tell you everything when you get to the Black Box VR virtual training center. We’ve sent somebody to meet you there. Please hurry.