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Sidekicks #

Your Sidekick will never let you battle alone!  Once you choose your Sidekick, they will be waiting for you in the Arena every time you begin a battle. You can use their super ability once per battle. Make sure to save it for the perfect moment to devastate your competitor. 

Currently, there is one Sidekick, but many more are coming soon.

FireHawk #

Feathers may look like a cute little bird, but inside there is a ferocious beast waiting to come out and wreak havoc in the Arena!

FireHawk can not be called to battle until the second round. Once the first round is over, you’ll see Feathers waiting for you on the Champion table.

To transform Feathers into FireHawk, grab the Feathers orb from the Champion table. Put it in the front hopper. Now sit back and watch as Feathers turns into FireHawk and flies into the Arena!  He’ll destroy everything on the field with his napalm fire attack. Collect that Elixir!