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How to Attack and Defend

How to Attack and Defend #

So how do you destroy their Crystal and how do you defend yours? There are five main components:

  1. Direct Damage Exercise Attacks
  2. Champions
  3. Powerups
  4. Towers
  5. Sidekicks

Let’s learn about each one…

Direct Damage Exercise Attacks #

These are the most powerful weapons in your arsenal!  You will do actual resistance exercises to shoot projectiles out onto the field. The stronger you are and the harder you push, the more damage you will do. 

There are six base exercise attacks. They are all compound exercises that when used together, work your entire body! Compound exercises are those that use multiple joints.  Unlike isolation exercises that use one joint, like Bicep Curls, these compound exercises are more efficient, more effective, and more likely to transfer to real-world functional fitness.

Chest Press (Fire Beam) #

This fire element attack uses the chest press exercise to shoot fire beams. Every complete rep you do will shoot one fire beam. Every fire beam can hit one enemy or structure at a time.

Chest Press Exercise Video Guide:

The chest press exercise effectively works your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Overhead Press (Meteor Strike) #

The overhead press is another fire element attack, but this time you’ll launch red-hot meteors with every rep. The meteors explode on impact, damaging any unlucky bad guy in the area.

Overhead Press Exercise Video Guide:

The overhead press works your shoulders and triceps, improving your upper body aesthetics and strength.

Cable Squat (Ice Shard) #

This Water element attack will send freezing cold ice shards out onto the battlefield. Each ice shard will hit one enemy at a time, doing massive damage with every rep.

Cable Squat Exercise Video Guide:

The cable squat works your powerful butt and leg muscles: glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.

Cable Deadlift (Cold Fusion) #

With every completed deadlift, you’ll shoot a blast of cold nuclear energy at your competitor. It explodes on impact, hurting all enemies in its wake.

Stiff Leg Cable Deadlift Exercise Video Guide:

The cable deadlift works your glutes, hamstrings, and calves to build and shape your lower body.

Standing Row (Lightning Bolt) #

Shoot lightning bolts at one enemy at a time using the standing row exercise. This is an Air element attack.

Standing Row Exercise Video Guide:

Work your middle back, rear shoulders, biceps, and forearms with every set.

Lat Pulldown (Wind Blast) #

Pull down with all your might to shoot blasts of hurricane-force winds from your platform. This Air element attack can hit any enemies in the area of impact. 

Lat Pulldown Exercise Video Guide:

You’ll feel this exercise working your lats, biceps, and forearms!

How To Choose And Perform A Direct Damage Exercise Attack #

To start an Exercise Attack, simply choose which exercise you want from the Exercise table. Use either hand to grab the orb you want and then put it into the exercise machine hopper. 

Once it goes into the hopper, the machine will begin configuring for your selected exercise. The handles will move to the appropriate position and if the bench pad is needed, it will come out to the right spot. Be sure not to touch the machine or the bench pad while it’s moving. 

When it’s ready, a message will come up in front of you letting you know.

If the bench pad is being used, you can adjust its height by using the Up and Down buttons on each side of the Activate button. It will remember your setting for next time for this exercise.

When you are ready to begin the exercise, hit the Activate button. That will make the handles visible and turn on the attack. If you do not hit Activate, your reps will not count!

For some exercises, you’ll face the machine. To keep the battlefield in front of you, the virtual platform will quickly rotate 180 degrees after you hit Activate. When you finish the exercise set, the virtual platform will rotate back to the original position.

Once the exercise has been activated, stand on the blue feet on the ground. Be sure to face the correct way based on which way the feet are shown. 

Watch the exercise video to be sure you are doing the correct exercise with the correct form. 

Grab the red handle with your right, red hand. Grab the blue handle with your left, blue hand. If you pick a handle up with the wrong hand, you’ll see an error message.

Perform each repetition slowly and with control. Maintain proper form to keep the reps firing. If you do the exercise incorrectly, the attack will not fire a projectile and you may see a message in front of you.

When you get tired and can no longer do reps with proper form, release the handles and the set will be completed. The goal is to push hard enough to force your body to change, but not so hard that you pull a muscle. Try to get as many good form reps as you can with every set! The more you do, the more damage you will do out on the field, and the closer you will be to winning the round. 

There is a maximum of 25 reps per set for Basic and Supercharged mode, and a maximum of 20 reps in Heavy mode. Once you complete the maximum number of reps, the set will automatically end and you’ll see a message telling you to put the handles down. 

When your set is done, catch your breath, and then make your next strategic game decision based on what’s happening out on the field! The stronger you get, the more powerful you’ll be in the game, but you also need to be smart to make it to the top of the Arenas.

Light, Medium, And Heavy Modes #

With every set, you’ll have the choice of Light, Medium, or Heavy. Before you begin your next set, make your selection on the exercise table.

  • Light mode is approximately 50% of the resistance that we believe you can handle for Heavy sets based on your previous performance. You’ll do 50% of the damage with every rep. It should be pretty easy for you to do 25 reps in one set.
  • Medium is approximately 75% of the Heavy weight and you’ll do 75% of the damage with every rep. You should be able to achieve around 15 – 20 reps per set.
  • Heavy mode is the resistance level that our machine learning modules have determined you should use to get the best fitness results. The goal is for you to be able to do 12 – 15 reps before your muscles get too tired to do more. You’ll do a full 100% damage with every rep.

For the first few minutes of battle, you can only use Light and Medium modes. This gives you a chance to do a few warm-up sets before moving on to the heavier sets later. 

If you are tired or sore, you can always choose Light mode to give yourself a little break. You’ll do less damage and have a smaller chance of winning the battle, but you’ll still be effective. Also, if you just need to do a little damage to finish off an enemy attacker or destroy the last little bit of health in their Crystal, you can choose Light or Medium to keep from overexerting yourself early in battle. 

We always recommend doing Heavy mode when you can. Our exercise programming is based on giving you the right intensity for the fastest results!  Don’t hold yourself back by taking it too easy. We know you’ve got it in you!

Supercharged and Hysterical Reps #

To do the most damage to your competitor, you can use Supercharged and Hysterical reps to do more damage per shot.

Your first 10-12 reps per set will do 1x damage based on your Exercise Level (i.e. your actual body’s strength). If you keep doing more, your next few reps will do Supercharged 2x damage! If you can do around 15 reps, every additional rep will enter Hysterical mode and you’ll do 4x damage per rep! 

  • Base: 1x damage per rep
  • Supercharged: 2x damage per rep
  • Hysterical: 4x damage per rep

You’ll be motivated to hit these zones with every set to help you win! It’s a lot more fun than just trying to do reps while sitting in a boring gym. Achieving Hysterical Mode is very difficult so it will take all of your determination.

Note: Supercharged mode is only available for Medium and Heavy sets. Hysterical mode is only available for Heavy sets.