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Black Box PR Kit


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Black Box VR In The News

"Oh this is SOOO cool! I don't workout but I would for this! It makes it FUN! WOW! That was AWESOME!" - Sheinelle Jones, The TODAY Show

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"The game pushed me further like no trainer or personal mental fortitude had before.”

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“One of the most interesting VR demos at CES was by Black Box , a startup that uses the HTC Vive to deliver gamified workouts. It combines the headset with a completely custom full-body resistance machine. You may go in expecting a VR sequel to the cheeky and tame Wii Fit , but the workout is intense and fun.”

"But with each bench, the resistance increases ever so slightly. I slayed the beast, but it left my arms burning.”

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"It’s a sensory experience as well as a workout, which is what people are going to love”

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