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Champions #

The second most powerful way to attack and defend is to deploy Champions. Strategically building your battle team and sending them to battle at the right time could be the difference between an epic victory and a disappointing loss! Let’s learn more about them.

Champions are part of your team. They are fighters that go out on the battlefield and brawl for you! Once you summon and then deploy them, they autonomously fight without you having to tell them what to do. Your job is to protect them with your Direct Damage Exercise Attacks!  You don’t want them to be left out there in battle alone, do you?

Champion Types #

Every Champion has its own style, stats, and special abilities. A few of the main types are:

    • Tanks: Gigantic warriors with a lot of health!
    • Archers: Champions that can shoot arrows, fireballs, and more from a distance.
    • Melee: Scrappy fighters that use their fists, spears, and more in close range.
    • Flying: Winged Champions that can’t be touched by non-ranged fighters.
    • Horde: There’s two, three, four, or more of them all coming out at once!  
    • Structure Destroyers: These ones ignore the other fighters and go straight for the Towers, Gates, and Crystals.
  • And more for you to discover!

How To Get Champions For Your Team #

When you start at Black Box VR, you’ll have a few friends waiting for you. You’ll start with these three basic Champions to help you be successful in your first battle. Over your next few tutorial battles, you’ll get three more. These will have some special abilities that will come in handy. That’s six in total, giving you a full battle deck.

As you move up the Arenas and earn more XP, you’ll unlock more and more Champions. Champion cards are earned inside reward boxes. Once you get at least one card for a Champion, it will be unlocked and available for you to use in battle. 

The higher you go, the more Champions you’ll be able to use!

How To Choose Champions For Battle #

Before your workout battle, you can go into the companion app to see the Champions that you have unlocked. You can then choose which six you want to battle with. Making smart choices that give you a powerful and balanced team is an art and science!  Try different combinations to see what works and find ways to pair up Champions with complementary abilities. 

How To Summon And Deploy Champions #

So how do you send your Champions while you are in the heat of battle? It’s very simple.

First of all, look at the Champion table to see what’s available. Every Champion costs Energy Elixir to summon. You will start each round with 1800 points of Energy Elixir. Look near the Champion orb to see how much Elixir it will take. If you have enough, the orb will be full color and you’ll be able to pick it up. If not, it will be gray and you won’t be able to grab it.

Pick up the Champion orb that you want with one of your hands. Put the orb in the hopper on the front of your platform. Your Energy Elixir will be debited for the amount that this Champion costs.

At this point, a Slice and Punch pattern will come up in front of you. You’ll need to use your agility, balance, speed, and pattern recognition abilities to bring your Champion to life!

Slice through the cylinders with the appropriate hand. For example, slice through the red cylinders with your red hand and slice through the blue cylinders with your blue hand. Punch through the punch pads with the correct colored hands. 

Every Champion has their own unique Slice and Punch pattern. You’ll memorize them soon and be able to summon your Champions quickly!  The faster you go, the sooner you can get your Champion out on the battlefield where they can help you win.

When you are done with the Slice and Punch pattern, you’ll hear a sound effect and the pattern will disappear. Now it’s time to decide where to place them.

With your right hand, point at the yellow area of the field. When you are pointing at the spot you want them to spawn at, hit the Deploy button with your other hand. Be sure you are pointing in the available area or it won’t work!

Once you deploy your Champion to battle, they will start fighting for you. They automatically move and fight so you don’t have to worry about controlling them.

Armor Bonuses #

In Arena 2, you’ll be able to earn armor bonuses for your Champions by completing the Slice and Punch patterns within a short time period. If you can quickly slice and punch through the pattern with your speed, agility, and memory, your Champion will earn up to a 100% armor HP bonus! The bonus amount is based on how quickly you complete the pattern.

As an example, if you earn a 50% armor bonus and your Champion has 5000 base HP, you’ll get 2500 HP of armor. That means it will take 7500 HP of damage to destroy them!

When your Champion has armor, you’ll see an extra amount of HP in the armor area of their HP bars. You’ll also be able to see the amount of armor your enemy champions have earned.

Energy Elixir #

Energy Elixir is the energy source of the multiverse! You’ll start each round with 1800 points of Energy Elixir. It’s used to deploy Champions to the battlefield. Each Champion costs a different amount of Elixir. You can have a maximum of 2400 points of Elixir at a time.

How To Get More Energy Elixir #

Once you get low on Energy Elixir, you won’t be able to deploy any more Champions. You’ll get more by destroying enemy Champions! For example, if you destroy the enemy’s Aquafist, you’ll receive 250 points of Energy Elixir. That’s 50% of how much your competitor spent to deploy their Aquafist. You’ll get 50% of the Energy Elixir cost for every Champion you defeat. Also, you get 50 points of Energy Elixir for every enemy Minion you destroy!

Of course, that means that when your competitor destroys one of your fighters, they get more Elixir and will be able to use it to attack you. Be smart!

When a Crystal is destroyed and the round ends, your Energy Elixir is reset back to 1800 for the next round.

Champion Stats And Abilities #

Every Champion comes from a different universe and has its own special properties. Understanding the differences between them all will help you to create the most strategic battle team.

Let’s look at each aspect:

  • Name: The name of the Champion. 
  • Description: Summary of their abilities.
  • Level: The card level of the Champion. The higher the card level, the higher their HP and Damage!
  • Element Type: Fire, Air, or Water. Learn more about Elements.
  • Energy Elixir Cost: How much Elixir this Champion costs to summon and deploy in battle.
  • Rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Heroic. The higher the rarity, the less often you’ll find their cards in reward boxes.
  • Type: Ground or Flying.
  • Health: Amount of HP that they have.
  • Movement Speed: How fast can they move around the battlefield.
  • Range: How far away they can be from an enemy they are attacking.
  • Hit Speed: The amount of time between each attack.
  • Damage per Second: How much damage they can do on average per second.
  • Pattern Complexity: How long and difficult the Slice and Punch pattern.
  • Targets: What type of enemies and structures it can hit.

This is an example card from the app:

Champion Listing #

There are always new Champions joining the Black Box VR Arenas!  You’ll start with the basics and unlock more as you get more XP. Here is the current list:

Arena 1 Champions #






Hot Rocks



Lightning Tiger

Arena 2 Champions #

Big Tszu

Rock Dude

Shield Maiden

Arena 3 Champions #

Water Owl

Arena 4 Champions #

Spark Crows

Minion Crew

Arena 5 Champions #



Boulder Belle

Arena 6 Champions #

Hammer Time

Kim Pale

Arena 7 Champions #


Chill Bill

Arena 8 Champions #

Archie Sparks

Arena 9 Champions #

Coming soon….

Arena 10 Champions #

Coming soon…

How To Level Up Your Champions #

When you first unlock a Champion, it will be at level 1. As you collect more cards for that Champion, you’ll be able to upgrade their health and damage to make them even more powerful in battle!

You can see the upgrade path in the app. Collect more cards by earning reward boxes in battle, purchasing them with your Coins, or by maintaining a high workout streak.

by earning reward boxes in battle, purchasing them with your Coins, or by maintaining a high workout streak.