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What is Black Box VR?

It's Serious Fitness

The Black Box VR system delivers a real workout based on the latest exercise science and validated by hundreds of studies. It was designed to create fast results and to completely transform your body in the shortest amount of time.

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It's Seriously Fun!

Each workout battle is only 30 minutes long but feels even shorter. Time flies by when you are having fun and are focused on the game instead of the exercises.

Compete against the AI competitor using direct damage exercise attacks (like chest press), deploy Champion units (like archers) out on to the field, take down their gate, and then destroy their crystal, before they destroy yours, to win the round and earn points. Score the most points and you earn trophies and a great reward box!

Level Up In The Game

Collect coins to purchase Champion cards, crazy powerups, loot boxes, and much more.

Before you know it, your actual body will have leveled up, making you more powerful in the game, and making it possible to move up to higher, more epic Arenas!

You Will Use Actual Resistance

You aren’t pretending to do strength training. Our custom electronic resistance machine can deliver up to 110 pounds of resistance PER ARM. That’s 220 pounds total. Now try to do 15 reps with that! After a few sets, even the strongest athletes will feel like tapping out.

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The Resistance Is Customized For You!

You won’t have to worry about choosing the resistance level that’s best for you. It won’t be too heavy or too light. It will be just right! Over time, it will push you to do slightly more weight and volume, so your body responds by building muscle, burning fat, and making you the strongest you’ve ever been.

We keep you clean and safe

After every workout, the booths are wiped down and cleaned to prepare them for the next workout. We focus on a clean environment so you can focus on your workout battles.

Start Free 7 Day Trial!

Black Box VR is better than a traditional gym. It's so much more fun and EFFICIENT! It gives you a complete workout and there's no waiting around the gym for a free machine.

- Mitchell ABlack Box VR Gym Member

Your Hero Access Pass Includes

Easy Scheduling

Immediate access to schedule your next workout battles. We recommend 3 games per week.

30-minute Workouts

Full-body workouts designed to improve energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance.

Companion App

Easy scheduling, personalized stats, achievements, and helpful fitness content created by experts!

Sanitized VR Headsets

All headsets are prepared for your use by our Hero Trainers utilizing Clean Box medical-grade UV-C technology.

Locker Room Facility

Full access to showers, towels, toiletries, and lockers to store your personal belongings.

EoS Support

EoS staff are available for questions and to help make sure you are set up to win your battles.

Frequently Asked Questions

But won’t I get sweat in my eyes and cause the headset to fog up?

Nope! That’s one of the things we hear from people that haven’t tried it yet. We wear VR sweatbands to make sure that the fat you are sweating away doesn’t get into your eyes or cause the headset to get foggy. Also, special fans in the workout area help keep you cool. We were worried about the same thing, but with our setup, it isn’t a problem at all. Come see for yourself!

Black Box VR is good for out of shape people, but not for serious fitness athletes like me. Right?

Black Box VR is for athletes of all abilities. Whether it’s your first time working out or you have been an athlete for years, your skills will be tested.  The Black Box VR resistance machine (the “Flex Capacitor”) is capable of up to 120 pounds of resistance per arm. The exercise programs created by our trainers and scientists are evidence-based and deliver the right volume of exercise per body part, per week, at the right intensities for improvement. This is serious fitness that is scaled for your current level. We challenge you to try it out!

Can the Black Box VR experience match the results of traditional resistance exercise and HIIT cardio?

The programs that are implemented in the Black Box VR game were created by top trainers and exercise scientists. Based on over 100 exercise studies, your body will see immediate improvements that match or beat traditional exercise programs. You will push harder and workout more consistently, even if it feels like a fun sport! A university study is currently underway to prove it. Watch this space.

Ew. Sharing a sweaty VR headset with other people sounds gross.

We agree. That’s why we use VR Covers for each individual headset and clean the headset between uses with Clean Box technology. Clean Box utilizes UV-C light (the medical grade wavelength of ultraviolet light trusted by hospitals and medical professionals for decades) in their patented design, combined with their nanotech coating and compressed air blasts, to dry, decontaminate, and provide a premium guest experience.

Your face will never touch another person’s sweat at Black Box VR. Amusement parks, IMAX, VR arcades, and location-based VR entertainment centers like The Void have been putting thousands of people through active VR experiences for years now. It’s literally a non-issue for the people that try it.