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Being a parent, having two jobs, and going to school can leave anyone looking for more time in their life. Monica is doing just that and has been struggling to find time for her fitness routine. Luckily, she found Black Box VR and has started working out regularly again. 

Monica is a Black Box VR member who is using the VR Fitness Experience to her advantage. She enjoys the Black Box VR game, loves the quick 30-minutes workouts, and gets her fitness in consistently so she can concur everything in her day. 

We learned a little bit about Monica and wanted to share her story about what drives her to keep the Black Box VR workouts consistent in her life. 

BBVR: Thank you, Monica, for taking the time with us. We are so happy you are loving your Black Box VR workouts. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Monica: For sure! Well, first and foremost, I am a mom to a lovely little boy who I adore. We love working on puzzles, building legos, and going swimming. He is a special needs child, so I give him lots of love and attention, which is very rewarding. 

I am a busy person and have a lot going on in my life right now, but I always make time for my Son. With two jobs and going to school part-time, I make sure that my Son gets all my extra attention.  

BBVR: That is a lot to handle, and I am sure it takes up your energy. How did you find out about Black Box VR, and what made you want to try it?

Monica: I heard about Black Box from a friend of mine that also is a member. He loves the workouts and is obsessed with the fitness changes he is having. 

I’ve always been into sports, dance, track and was captain of the soccer team in college. I never played video games and was a little hesitant to try Black Box VR, but I am glad I did. It’s honestly such a fantastic way to workout, and I love the competitiveness the game has. 

BBVR: We love our members! We get so many referrals from them. Had you ever used Virtual Reality before joining Black Box VR?

Monica: No, I’ve never used another VR system. The first time I put on the headset to do my workout battle, I was very much in awe. I was transported into another world. Everything was intuitive, and the onboarding workouts made it easy to learn the game. I also love the story that goes with the game and learning the history of the Arenas you battle in. 

BBVR: How long have you been a member at Black Box VR?

Monica: I started in September 2020. I was immediately hooked. After my first workout battle, I went back the next day because this experience was something I enjoyed a lot! Each workout I do keeps getting better and better. I could see myself using Black Box VR as my only gym for years to come.

BBVR: What are your favorite features of the Black Box VR fitness experience? 

Monica: I like that you have your own private booth for the duration of the workout. It makes me feel comfortable in the gym setting. I also love that I don’t have to adjust the weights or jump from machine to machine. I just load the exercise in Virtual Reality, and the Black Box VR machine sets it’s self up for me.  

BBVR: How does Black Box VR compare with other workout programs you have done in the past?

Monica: I have tried different gyms and workout routines before. I just got bored with them. It was easy to skip days because there was nothing that excited me to come back. Also, the amount of time that regular workouts take is double, if not triple, the time of a Black Box VR workout.

Consistency is the key to any fitness program, no matter what it is. Black Box VR has the extra game layer that makes the workouts fun.

BBVR: Have you had any positive fitness results by going to Black Box VR? 

Monica: I believe you should always be in balance physically, mentally, and spiritually. Black Box VR has provided the perfect combination to help keep me sharp and physically fit, giving me more energy to take care of my Son and all the daily pressures of life. And since I started, I’ve lost 15lbs! 

BBVR: Congratulations! We love hearing about our member’s fitness results. Do you have any Black Box VR Achievements that you are most proud of?

Monica: I am a very competitive person in everything I do. I’m very proud to say I’ve never lost a workout battle. I will keep working hard, so that stays the same. 

BBVR: Do you have any favorite Champions in the game? 

Monica: I would say Tidal is my favorite Champion. His punch pattern has an excellent flow, and I feel like I can quickly get him out on the field. I am still learning about the game’s strategies and different champions. I’m sure as I progress through the Arenas and unlock more, I will find other Champions I like. 

BBVR: You can’t go wrong with using Tidal. He is a brute and really helps defend your crystal. Do you have any favorite exercises? 

Monica: I would say squats are my goto because it is all about the booty, am I right, ladies? Hahaha!

BBVR: Nice choice! I think every woman would agree with you on that one. Black Box has a mobile companion app that shows your fitness progress and more. What are some of your favorite features in the app?

Monica: I love the Black Box VR mobile app! It makes it so easy to schedule my workouts and track all my fitness progress. I always keep a calendar since my days are hectic. The fact I can schedule the sessions on the app and organize my days is a lifesaver. It’s incredible how much fitness data is you guys track. It makes it very useful to see how I am progressing over time. 

BBVR: We are always asking our members about their Black Box VR experience and how we can make it better. What types of features would you like to see in the future? 

Monica: The ability to go one on one against your friends would be some much fun! I hope you guys can add that as an option soon. Also, I would love it if I could choose my music. I’m Latina, and I would love to listen to my favorite music to boost my mood so I can push harder. The last feature that I think would be amazing to have is the option to share your workouts on your favorite social media platform. I know you guys are working on it, but I thought I would bring it up again. 

BBVR: Do you have any advice for people that are on the fence about trying Black Box?

Monica: Your team has created a fun and innovative fitness experience that gets results. All I have to say to anyone out there who is hesitant about trying Black Box VR, is come join us and be a part of this fantastic fitness experience. What do you have to lose with the free trial

BBVR: Thank you, Monica, for taking time out of your busy day to share your experience with Black Box VR. We appreciate you.