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What Makes Working Out Fun?

By September 19, 2022No Comments

The secret to enjoying your workouts         By Ralph Rajs COO

The answer to that question is so different for every single person. For some, the answer is how it makes them feel. Others, who compete in a sport, say working out is the path to getting to the next competition.  For many, it’s a social opportunity to workout with friends, chatting the time away.  And yes, I know there are some of you who wondered if that was a trick question and still doubt anyone thinks working out is actually fun. I say to you, my friend, you have not found the right workout.

While I am admittedly in the small minority of people who enjoys exercising so much that I have to do something every day,  today, we are here to talk about you. I want you to consider the possibility that a workout exists that is so fun, you’ll lose track of the fact that you are exercising. That workout is Black Box VR, which combines gaming + VR + serious fitness to get you in the best shape of your life.

Remember as a kid, running around and playing for hours? It wasn’t called a workout, so it wasn’t a chore. It was play. That’s what gamified workouts feel like. At Black Box VR, we witness on a daily basis adults getting lost in the game, so caught up in the fun that they forget they are exercising. Before they know it, they have finished an awesome 30-minute, full-body, strength workout.  Most don’t even realize how hard they were working until afterward when they review their battle statistics. (In a previous post, I described how Black Box VR has helped me become a better cyclist.)

The founders of Black Box VR, Ryan DeLuca and Preston Lewis, studied gaming psychology and the addictive nature of video games and incorporated that into a comprehensive immersive VR game experience where your body becomes the game controller. The harder you work, the better your champions do in battle.  You can learn more about the game here. It turns out the same principles that keep you playing Candy Crush and buying upgrades can be used to keep you motivated to work hard within your battle and to keep coming back time after time.

Research backs this up. We have commissioned multiple independent studies conducted by UCLA researchers that has consistently shown that people who engage in a gamified VR workout routine consistently have better results, in a shorter period of workout session time, and with a greater sense of enjoyment than people who did conventional strength workouts. Here is the link to the latest study completed earlier this year.

If you are a person who enjoys games, strategy and having fun while you’re exercising, Black Box VR is a great exercise alternative for you. My hope is that you’re open to giving it a try. We offer a free trial period at all of our locations. Come check us out and see how working out can be more like funning out. For more information, go to

Here is an article on The Psychology of Gamification and why it works

On Strava, Twitter, and Instagram you can find Ralph at  @ralphrajs


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