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For the last few years, we have been testing our innovations with the UCFIT Lab at UCLA to test efficacy of our programs and technology in helping people get the health and fitness benefits they desire.

Recently, we received INCREDIBLE results from the research team at UCLA informing us of some exciting results they are seeing from studies done with the Black Box VR workout system and experience. Below you can see the full report but we’ll lay them out here as well!






Effectiveness of an Immersive Virtual Reality Exergame Incorporating an Adaptive Cable Resistance System (Blackbox VR”) on Physical Performance, Indices of Cardiometabolic Health, Perceived Effort, Enjoyment, Adherence and System Usability: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Following 3-month workout of 36 sessions (12 wks x 3x/ weekly):

Black Box VR (VS.) Traditional Cable Machine…

Intervention – IVR

Participants will be involved in all aspects of the Blackbox IVR exergame, from completing all 36 sessions to routinely checking the Blackbox VR app that provides game metrics, strategies and incentivized ways of earning points to gain advanced weaponry and in-game ‘heroes”. All these facets enhance participant adherence and enjoyment and should be used regularly by the participant.

Control – SELF

Participants will train (i.e., self-directed) using a conventional, cable/ pulley-based crossover machine with dual selectorized weight stacks. The columns are spaced the same distance as the Blackbox VR machine columns and offer the same vertical adjustment of the cable-pully selectorized heights from ground to ceiling. In effect the two machines can mimic neat-identical movement patterns for the eight resistance exercises. A UC Fit-derived app of each sessions exercise choice and sequence, volume (set x reps) and time-to-complete will inform the SELF group through each of the 36 sessions.

Result 1: Physical performance

Both groups improved BUT IVR (Black Box VR) IMPROVED MUCH GREATER in:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased lower body power
  • Increased muscle strength in all exercises
  • Increased aerobic capacity (VO2max)
  • Increased lactate threshold as % VO2max (prolong fatigue)
  • Increased resting metabolic rate

Result 2: Cardiometabolic health

Both groups improved BUT IVR (Black Box VR) IMPROVED MUCH GREATER in:

  • Decreased BF%
  • Increased lean body mass
  • Lower resting heart rate
  • Increased heart rate variability
  • Lower systolic-diastolic blood pressure

Result 3: Subjective measures

Both groups improved BUT IVR (Black Box VR) IMPROVED MUCH GREATER in:

  • Training compliance (IVR and incentivized app)
  • Enjoyment of exercise
  • Attenuated perceived effort (distracted from IVR so felt easier)

The study is in press and will be published in a journal soon. Check back for full details.

"The Black Box VR test group trained half the time (30 min session) compared to control workouts (~65 min session) so they had GREATER TRAINING EFFICIENCY (half the time working out) with BETTER IMPROVEMENTS across the board."

UC FITUCLA Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory

This is just the beginning

We have seen amazing anecdotal improvements in muscle mass and fat loss for our Hero Members but these scientific, university-led studies are a HUGE confirmation that what we have built at Black Box VR is the future of fitness.

These studies show that Black Box VR is more efficient, effective and fun when compared to old-school, outdated fitness routines.

Don't Forget:

At Black Box VR, our mission is to utilize the best immersive technologies to create addictive fitness experiences that help our users level up their lives.

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