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Boise Idaho – The Black Box VR Spring invitational was a fantastic competition for our members. Everyone that took part worked hard to showcase their strength and skills.

The first round, against a level 17 Kameko was won by Randy McCurdy, Adam Sippy, Graham Gettel, and Jason Johnson. These competitors really brought their all to this round.

The second round was against a level 20 Anabis, who brought a level 16 Tidal to the battle. It was a rough battle, but the victorious were; Randy McCurdy and Adam Sippy competing for 1st place, and our runners up competing for 3rd place were Alejandro Salinas and Jason Johnson.

The Championship final was a brutal battle against a level 22 Rezzer Supreme who had quite the army with him for this fight. Even though that battle was hard, our heroes didn’t back down and pushed through the onslaught of units that Rezzer kept throwing their way.

Randy McCurdy won first place, second went to Adam Sippy and Alejandro took third.

The dedication our hero members showed was outstanding and we can’t wait for the next tournament.

Watch the full Black Box VR Spring Finals.