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What’s the worst thing about your first 30 minutes of being on a treadmill? Only ten minutes have gone by.

It’s a common meme. Time spent working out seems to go by so dang slowly! We watch the clock constantly, and it seems to be going in slow motion.

But when you are playing video games? The one hour you gave yourself to play is over before you can say “SUS”.

It’s beyond frustrating.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? We can’t make your video game time go by slower, but we can help your workout time to fly by. In fact, that’s one of the reasons we started Black Box Fitness. If you can work out while playing a video game, getting yourself in that state of flow, you’ll enjoy your exercise program a whole lot more. You can’t just watch a screen, though. You need to be INSIDE the video game. That’s where VR comes in.

And guess what? A new study shows that time really does go by more quickly while inside virtual reality.

From the study:

  • Gamers often report losing track of time while playing, but virtual reality headsets amplify this effect.
  • Test subjects using headsets were off by an average of 28.5 percent more than those using a typical screen.
  • A potential application of this finding is using it to help people endure difficult medical procedures, such as chemotherapy.

It’s called “time compression,” and it’s a powerful psychological effect.

“Those playing the game with the headset estimated that five minutes (300 seconds) had elapsed after an average of 327.4 seconds; those playing on a monitor estimated that five minutes elapsed after 254.8 seconds, a difference of 72.6 seconds.”

Wow, that’s a difference of 72 seconds in a 300-second activity! That’s huge. Time went by 28.5% faster for the VR group. 

What does this mean for you? When you join Black Box Fitness, you’ll be shocked when your 30-minute, intense workout battle is over. You feel like you just started. But you didn’t. You completed it, and your health, fitness, and appearance will benefit dramatically.

We know that the only secret to fitness success is consistency over time. Find a workout you love that goes by quickly, and it will be much easier to come back for your next time. Repeat that over months and years, and you’ll be the fittest person you know.