A Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Gym Experience

What Is Black Box VR?

Black Box VR Is The World's First Full-Fitness
Virtual Reality Gym Experience.

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At Black Box VR, we are creating the world’s first virtual reality gym experience. You’ll step into a Black Box VR boutique gym and immerse yourself in a whole new way to get fit that will make you never want to visit an outdated gym again.

Go inside the black box and come out leaner, stronger, faster, and more fit than ever before.



Wouldn’t it be great if by playing a game you could level up yourself instead of just an on-screen character? It’s now possible. Your actual speed, strength, and endurance will help you win, making it more like a futuristic sport than a video game. You are rewarded immediately for your virtual reality gym fitness performance instead of in the distant future like with traditional fitness routines. That’s how habits are created.


The integrated cable pulley system is controlled by the Black Box virtual reality engine, giving you real muscle and strength-building resistance for your entire body. Instant force change capabilities give you full immersion.

Targeted intensity builders take you past your previous plateaus.

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Virtual Reality Gym - Black Box VR with Vive Headset
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Activate Your True Inner Strength.


You’ve heard stories of mothers lifting cars to save their children. Your body has abilities that aren’t easily accessible… until now. Immerse yourself in another world where your brain will perceive actual danger or urgency and push past your perceived limitations.


Emerge from a 30 minute virtual reality gym workout with maximized fitness results where every minute is optimized through artificial intelligence and adaptive workout prescription. The unique combination of virtual reality immersion, presence and real-time resistance variability make it possible.


The world’s best fitness trainer is made up of ones and zeroes. The experience’s intensity is completely built around your ability. Machine learning modules intelligently take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

You’ll effortlessly learn perfect form to get the most from each experience and to stay injury-free, utilizing advanced tracking in your virtual reality fitness experience.

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Black Box VR - Virtual Reality Gym Male Electric Wood Chop
Black Box VR - Holding Virtual Reality Fitness Cube Activator

No Pain No Gain? Not Exactly.

Traditional fitness experiences are like torture. You focus on the pain of each rep or step. The clock ticks by so slowly you wonder if it’s actually working. With advanced hardware and software, Black Box virtual reality workouts are proven to create a canyon between your actual effort and your perceived effort. You are giving 10/10 of your abilities but it feels like 6/10. Time flows by so quickly your 30 minute full-body virtual reality fitness experience feels like ten minutes.

It's Simple...

The secret to personal fitness success is consistency. Push your body with aerobic and resistance exercise at least three days a week and your body becomes lean and strong. Everybody understands this, but traditional fitness routines are very hard to stick to over the long-term.

Black Box VR takes the brand new technology of virtual reality and mixes it with decades of exercise science and behaviour change research to move worn out gyms and fitness routines to the dusty shelves of history where they belong.

Technology has improved our lives in almost every aspect. Electric cars replace dirty ones. Smartphones replace land lines. The Internet replaces newspapers and old media. Fitness is still stuck with rusty barbells and mind-numbing treadmills, why? Fitness & gyms seem to be forever frozen in the 1950’s.

But not for long. You deserve better. Black Box VR is coming to give it to you.

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