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What are powerups?

In the Black Box VR Arena, you have many tools as your disposal to help you protect your Crystal and destroy your opponent’s.

Your options are:

Direct damage exercise attacks – These are by far the most powerful weapons you have available for battle!
Champions – Level them up and deploy them as quickly, and intelligently, as possible to gain the advantage.
Powerups – You only get to bring two to battle but using them correctly can be a momentum changer!
Sidekick – Once per battle you can deploy a Sidekick, like FireHawk, to devastate your competitor.

Powerups are deployed during battle similarly to deploying your Champions. Pick up the orb of your choice, put it in the front hopper, perform a quick slam pattern, and point to where you want to release it. You can only bring two to battle so be sure to use them at the right time! What’s the right time? That depends on the type of powerup that you are using, but I’m sure with practice you will find the optimal strategy.

There are many powerups available in the Store in the app and you can purchase them with coins that you have earned. There are three levels for each powerup:

Basic – The base level.
Supercharged – Up to 2x more powerful than Basic.
Hysterical – Up to 10x more powerful than Basic!

As you can see, it’s always better to use a higher level powerup, but they are also much more expensive. Once you use them, they are gone for good and you’ll need to purchase more. If you are winning a battle by a lot, it’s smart to save your powerups for next time. Why waste the coins when you don’t need to? You worked hard to earn them!

What are some examples of powerups?

You can view the available powerups in the app. Go to the Store tab and tap on each powerup to read about them and see how much they cost.


Here are a few you can choose from:

Grenades – Point to the enemy units you want to destroy and watch them run for cover!
Freeze – Are their units attacking your gate? Freeze them in their tracks so you can effortlessly take them out. It almost feels unfair.
Berserk – Release your Champion, then use this powerup on top of them and they will be faster and more powerful for a limited time period, making quick work of any enemies or gates nearby.

Once you purchase a powerup, it will be in your inventory. Before a battle, go into the app and choose which two powerups you want to bring with you on the Cards tab. If you forget to choose, we will choose for you if you have some available, but it’s likely you will make a smarter choice than we will.

Earn coins, purchase powerups, choose your pre-battle options, and use them at the right time in the Arena to turn the score around on your way to victory. The look of shock on your competitor’s face will make it all worth it.



“I have one goal when I get called to the Arena… completely obliterate every moving object on the battlefield! I know when I go back to the locker room I’ll transform back to a cute, cuddly little bird again, so I always give it my all in the Arena.

Setting goals can help you too… inside the Arena and out. Without detailed goals you are like a boat rowing in the middle of the ocean without a map. It’s not likely you’ll get anywhere.

Spend a little time today writing down your goals. Follow the S.M.A.R.T. goals format to make them as easy to achieve as possible:

S – Specific

Goals that aren’t clear aren’t attainable. Instead of just saying you want to lose weight, write down the exact details. How much fat do you want to lose? By what date? How will you do it? Be as specific as possible.

M – Measurable

How will you know if you have achieved your goal if you have no way to measure it? If you want to eat more vegetables, how many servings per day are you trying to eat? How will you track and measure your performance?

A – Achievable

Setting an impossible goal is setting yourself for failure. Trying to gain 25 pounds of muscle in one month will just end in frustration. Set realistic goals and once you achieve them, you can always set a new, bigger one.

R – Relevant

Are you setting goals that are relevant to what you want in life? If you want to move up in your career, setting a goal to run a marathon may not be the best use of your time right now.

T – Time

Setting a goal without knowing the date you want to achieve it by will not be useful. Give yourself a deadline, track your progress, and use that date to keep yourself focused.

Don’t just dream it, achieve it! Setting SMART goals will focus your mind and willpower towards lifelong success. You think I was just born with the ability to shoot fire from my beak and wings? I don’t think so! It took years of focus. It was worth it and your goals will be worth it too.”

Please reply to this email and let us know how you are enjoying your experience! We want to hear from you so we can continue to improve. Thank you!

We’ll see you in the Arena!