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Preston Lewis and Barrett Law Face-off In A Quest To Be Crowned The Very First Black Box VR Tournament Champion.

Boise, Idaho – The final two competitors Preston Lewis and Barrett Law have advanced to the Black Box VR Winter Invitational Championship. This will be the first Virtual Sport Championship broadcast in the world that features athletes competing in virtual reality while using the Black Box VR Dynamic Resistance Machine. Both Virtual Sport athletes have battled their way through the competitive brackets by utilizing fast-twitch game strategies that showcase their muscular strength and endurance in the Black Box VR Arenas. The winner of the Championship will be determined by the amount of Crystals destroyed and any tie-breakers will first go to the athlete who has the greatest score differential. In the case of a final tie-breaker, the winner will be the athlete that generated the most volume (weight x reps) in the Workout Battle. Either Barrett or Preston will take home the very first Black Box VR Championship trophy and the well-earned bragging rights to go along with it.

The first stage of the Invitational involved a competition for the 16 qualifiers, then was narrowed down to 8, then 4, and now the final 2 for the Championship. Results, coverage, and videos of previous stage events are available at and on the Black Box VR YouTube channel and Facebook page. The Black Box VR Winter Invitational Championship will involve a fully produced live and in-person competition with the 2 remaining athletes. Boise State with be broadcasting the tournament via their Twitch ( and YouTube channels ( Coverage starts at 6pm MST January 22, 2021 (Friday).

Over the previous 3 stages of competitions, Preston Lewis has lifted over 210,000 Lbs. of volume and Barrett Law has put up over 195,000 Lbs. of volume. Each athlete has also destroyed a similar number of Crystals (the main win condition). All things considered, this should be a VERY close battle and definitely one for the history books. Tune in this Friday.