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Season 9 – Summer Surge!

By September 12, 2023No Comments

Welcome to Season 9 – Summer Surge and the 2nd official Season including Raid Battles! During this three-month season, you’ll have the chance to participate in three Boss Raids at the end of each month, with the final week in September scheduled for the ultimate battle with the Final Raid! But before that, you’ll have three weeks of Team Tactical Preparation each month to earn Gear, Team Boosts, and upgrades to prepare you for the end-of-the-month Raids. You’ll have three workouts during the Raid Week, and we’ll be featuring the teams each week on the leaderboard within your gym, as well as nationally, to see where your team ranks. Here is an example timeline of the 3-week Pre-Raid Training, followed by each 1-week Raid:

The higher you climb the ladder by defeating these NPC bosses, the more you’ll be featured and have a chance to win the Season Award and the end-of-season celebration party!

As usual, we are releasing some exclusive swag items that can only be earned this Season. The higher you climb on the Individual Season XP Ladder, the more amazing swag you’ll unlock. This Season we have some HOT items that will make your friends want to raid your closet… see what we did there?

And that’s not all – we’re also launching all-new social events that will happen in the gym, as well as online within Discord and Twitch.

We’re also simplifying the Flag system. Issues with the current system:

  • Members are confused by the current system and it is not creating extra motivation to do your best this Season.
  • If you earn a flag but do not equip it, you’ll still see last Season’s flag behind you in VR.
  • Current flags are not differentiated enough for you to know that there are different levels or what the current levels are and how they are symbolized.
  • Flag inventory system UI makes it hard to tell which flag is which, with duplicate names.
  • Adding hundreds of flags to the Arena Trophy ladder is time consuming for our developers, brings down the performance of the app, and adds extra required hard drive space.

Upcoming improvements:

  • Once earned, Season flags will need to be “Claimed” on the Season XP ladder. You will see that you have a new reward and once you open it and tap the “Claim” button, it will then be automatically equipped to your profile. The new flag will replace whatever old one they had showing up in the app and in VR.
  • There is no way to choose a different flag than the latest one that you have earned.
  • Even if you don’t go to the Season XP ladder and “claim” the latest flag you have earned, we will save the information to your profile so that we can show the flag level you earned in the Flag Trophy Case (coming soon)

How it works:

  • There will be four Season flags available for the current Season.
    • Each flag will have the Season theme and logo and say which Season it is from.
    • Each flag will be differentiated in a way that makes it very obvious at a glance which level it is.
      • Different colors, particle effects, gold plating, etc.
    • The first Season flag will be earned at 1 SXP.
      • If you do at least one thing in the current Season that earns XP, you will earn this flag.
    • The second, third, and fourth Season flag levels will be distributed throughout the Season XP ladder, at these approximate levels of maximum SXP.
      • Season Flag Level 1: ~0%
      • Season Flag Level 2: ~25%
      • Season Flag Level 3: ~75%
      • Season Flag Level 4: ~100%
  • New members will start with a default flag that signifies that they are onboarding. Once they are done with onboarding they will begin to earn Season XP and automatically earn the current Season Level 1 Flag.

We’re thrilled to bring you these new features and hope you’re as excited as we are for Season 8! Keep an eye out for more detailed emails coming soon with everything you need to know to prepare for the Arena Raids and push hard because many items expire with the Season!

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