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So… we’ve been working on something amazing…and we are happy to finally be able to share it with you!

“VR Fitness” is a brand new, never-before-seen-in-the-world, category and with that, comes the difficulty of explaining the fact that you can get serious fitness results with VR Fitness. So, to prove this works, we decided to put people through a 90 Day Transformation Challenge where they were ONLY allowed to use the Black Box VR workouts to transform their bodies.

Needless to say, they got incredible results. This is because we are the only system in the world that uses real resistance (via a machine we invented) that pairs with a VR game.

In the Black Box virtual world, your body is tracked and you can reach out and grab the handles of our resistance machine. Yes… real handles and weight… not fake virtual weights…

… the machine can go up to 110 lbs. per handle or 220 lbs. total…

“But wait, I’m a beginner, that is way too much weight!” Don’t worry, we got you…

As you do fitness movements with the machine, our artificial intelligence maps your perfectly calibrated fitness levels to the weight you push and pull, starting at only 5 lbs. and slowly or quickly progressing you into that “sweet spot” of lean muscle building automatically, based on your fitness level. This pushing and pulling of the handles helps you build muscle and lose fat, quickly.

All that being said you might still be thinking… “holy cow, there is no way a video game workout could give me serious fitness results!” This is the reason we created this campaign, seeing is believing and we wanted to show the world how using efficient, modern, innovative tech can transform your body and the world of fitness.

Without further ado, check out these sweet results our test subjects got!

Meet Ryan S. and Jensen Z.

Our Test Subjects:

90 Days Using Only Black Box VR 

90 Days Using Only Black Box VR 

90 Days Using Only Black Box VR 

90 Days Using Only Black Box VR 

Don't Forget:

These two subjects used ONLY Black Box VR workouts and followed a standard, clean-eating diet. They were not allowed to do any external workouts. Everything you see in the videos and photos is as a result of working out in Black Box VR.

After only 90 days of 3x per week workouts (yes, that’s only 90 minutes per week). They got INSANE results…we talking break-modern-day-science results using Black Box VR.

Watch the 90-day Body Transformation Epic Video

That’s right, you can get those👆 results… in 90-days

After only 90 days of working out in Black Box VR, our experiment was an INSANE success and Ryan S. and Jensen Z. completely transformed their bodies…

…and they did it in a FRACTION of the time required at a normal gym.

They didn’t have to think about selecting their weights, they didn’t have to think about how many reps to do… they didn’t even have to worry about their form.

The advanced AI, tracking system and immersive game gave them the fitness results while being efficient and fun.

There is nothing in the world like this.