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Season 7 – Electrify Your Fitness Results

By December 26, 2022No Comments

Welcome to 2023 and the all new Season 7 – Electrify Your Fitness Results! We are so excited to kick off this new season and help you reach your fitness goals. This is your year to transform your body and health and we are here to help!

We all know the benefits of working out including increased energy, improved mood, better sleep, and increased strength and endurance, but traditional workouts are difficult to stick to. That’s why we continue to improve our immersive, gamified workouts, helping you have fun while you get fit. Not to mention…

…this Season we have more exclusive rewards you can unlock to help keep you motivated. Think you can top the 100% XP ladder? Then, you’ll unlock the exclusive Archie Sparks Champion Tee. Feeling good about getting to the top of the Team Trophy ladder? Then get our first-ever printed longsleeve tee with the 100% Club callout!

This is the year to take control of your health and fitness! It’s never too late to start on your journey towards a stronger, healthier you. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced athlete, there’s always room to improve and reach new goals.

Don’t let fear or doubt hold you back. You are capable of achieving great things, and every small step towards a healthy lifestyle is a step in the right direction. So let’s make this the year you take charge of our health and Electrify Your Fitness Results!

This is the first Season that we are pairing the Season launch with a new Champion rebalancing. For this Season we are rebalancing Archie Sparks and we think you are going to love his new abilities! His newly improved chained-lighting effect is… cough… to die for… cough… sorry minions!

Climb the XP ladders and unlock some of your favorite Gear items:

  • Champion: Hypnotize On Death – 200,000 Season XP
  • Champion: Champion Gate Damage Booster – 400,000 Season XP
  • Champion: Champion Crystal Damage Booster – 2,200,000 Season XP
  • Avatar: Hypnosis Aura Spawn – 600,000 Season XP
  • Avatar: Air Crit Booster – 1,400,000 Season XP
  • Avatar: Hot Air Crit Booster – 1,200,000 Season XP

Check out the brand new Season FLAGS. Not only do you unlock them in the mobile app, but they will also follow you into the Black Box Arenas!

Be sure to hit this Season hard to unlock all of the exclusive rewards! After each Season expires, you lose access to exclusive content that can never be unlocked again! So, don’t wait! Achieve your goals, rock the new year and unlock some sweet, exclusive, yes-they-will-disappear-if-you-don’t-unlock-them rewards! You deserve to live the life of your dreams!

Insane results from our members in 90-days

This isn’t part of the Season but just a reminder of how awesome our fitness program is. Check out the story of Ryan S. and Jensen Z. and their incredible transformations! They only worked out 3 times per week for 90 days in Black Box VR…

It's time to level up

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