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Season 4 – June Update

By June 1, 2022July 5th, 2022No Comments

Say whaaaaat?! That’s right, we are adding even more fun digital items you can unlock that will not only show in the app but in the VR Workout Arenas.

So… for the first time ever, you can unlock new gate skins that are exclusive to this specific Season. Once you equip a gate skin, you will be able to see your gates shining in all their glory… in VR!

To unlock these skins, all you have to do is get your Workout Battles in and earn that Season XP. The higher you climb on this Season’s XP Ladder, the more skins you will unlock. Remember, these are only available in Season 4, and there are only 4 weeks left, so go get some!

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve added some really cool new game features as well…

As you know, Virtual Reality has the unique ability to fully immerse you in your workouts. The better the immersion, the less fatigue you feel and the faster time will fly in your workouts, which is the magic of pairing fitness with VR.

Part of increasing the feeling of this immersion and deepening the overall experience of the Black Box VR Universe is… SOUND!

So, we’ve decided to add all-new Boss dialogue to your Boss battles. This will breathe new life into the moments you face-off against those menacing bosses in the Battle Arenas, and help you push harder for the win. We know you’re going to love them!

That’s it for the Season 4 June updates but don’t forget…

Be sure to finish the Season strong and push to unlock all of the exclusive rewards! After each Season expires, you lose access to exclusive content that can never be unlocked again! So, don’t wait! Achieve your goals, rock the new year and unlock some sweet, exclusive, yes-they-will-disappear-if-you-don’t-unlock-them rewards! You deserve to live the life of your dreams!