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One of the biggest challenges with any fitness program is commitment and consistency. After all, no matter how good or fun something is, if you don’t do it, you won’t reap the benefits. Black Box Fitness member Rachel started Black Box just as the pandemic hit in 2020. She fell in love with Black Box but stopped coming because of the quarantine. After her hiatus from the gym, she has started regularly working out and is already experiencing positive results such as improved self-confidence. 

We appreciate her doing an interview with us that will allow us to share her story and encourage others!

BBVR: Thank you, Rachel, for talking with us. We’re so happy you’re enjoying your Black Box Fitness workouts again. Please tell us a bit about yourself. 

Rachel: Of course! I’m more than happy to be here. I’m 29 years old and was born and raised in the Treasure Valley, Idaho. I’m a summer girl for sure and love doing anything I can outside during the warm season – camping, floating the river, hiking, and even hanging out at parks. I work for a cloud-based payroll company and have been there for close to 5 years now, but on the side, I own my own custom festival clothing wear company that I work on in my free time. I also play console and PC games quite a bit and hope to start streaming soon. 

BBVR: How did you come across Black Box Fitness, and what made you want to try it?

Rachel: I think in early 2020, I saw an ad on Facebook, and my roommate and myself both thought it looked pretty cool! Since I’m big in gaming (I also have my own VR headset at home), I thought it would be right up my alley. Also, I get bored at the gym, so I thought this would be perfect for me! We both tried it and loved it, but with the pandemic, we canceled our membership. We just couldn’t stay away for too long, though, and have started working out consistently again! 

BBVR: Welcome back! What are your favorite features of the Black Box fitness experience? 

Rachel: I love that the dynamic resistance machine changes the weights. Unlike the gym, I don’t have to test the weight and make sure it’s not too heavy or too light. I know it will be perfect every single time. Also, the 30 minutes go by so quickly, and afterward, when I’m heading out, I can really feel how hard I worked, and it always feels great!

BBVR: How does Black Box VR compare with other workout programs you’ve done in the past?

Rachel: With other workouts, I always have to push my mind to keep going. I get bored and tired, and it becomes almost a mental battle to keep going, but with Black Box, I’m just playing a game. Sure I get tired, but I want to finish and work HARD to get those points!

BBVR: Do you do any other physical activities to boost your Black Box Fitness results?

Rachel: SHHHHH, don’t tell anyone, but during the pandemic, I gained over 40 pounds and literally didn’t do anything except sit on the couch or at my desk for work, which is also at my house. Now starting back with Black Box Fitness, I try to go on walks/jogs with my puppers on my days that I’m not battling. I also am a fire dancer, and that can be quite a workout depending on my mood!

BBVR: A fire dancer!? We’ll have to save that subject for another interview. Lol. With your consistent workouts, have you changed your diet at all to help support your fitness goals? 

Rachel: First, I drink LOTS of water. I’ve never really had a problem with it, but I drink a minimum of 64 ounces a day. As for actual food, I don’t normally eat until I’m hungry, usually around noon or so. I think I’m still at the beginning of my path, but I try to eat one delicious salad a day, not just lettuce, but all the veggie fixings with lots of seasoning. I do try to eat protein (chicken or fish) each day. So it’s just a lot of veggies and protein meals. 

BBVR: What positive results have you seen since you started working out at Black Box Fitness? 

Rachel: My mental state was not healthy at all this past year, and I was diagnosed with severe depression, among other things. Since going to Black Box Fitness again, I feel accomplishment and gratification each time I finish a battle. I’ve also noticed my self-worth has improved. I can see how I’ve become stronger, and I can also push myself harder now. 

BBVR: Do you have any in-game Black Box Fitness Achievements that you are most proud of?

Rachel: Arms are my weakest point, but I recently got the 10k total volume for my overhead press! My total lifetime weight volume just passed 350K, AND my hero level just reached 10!! I’m very proud of these things!

BBVR: As you should be, Rachel. Congratulations! Out of the 6 main exercises in the Black Box Fitness workout, what are your go-to ones and why? 

Rachel: Oh goodness. I guess I have a love-hate relationship with all of them. I love doing them all, but I hate every single one by the end of the match (which is good)! Usually, I like squats and deadlifts since my legs are the strongest part of my body, but I can feel how much stronger my upper body is getting, so I love using all the upper body exercises now too!

BBVR: What are your favorite Champions in the game, and how do you like to use them? 

Rachel: So there is a process with this! If other champions are getting close to my gates, I’ll get the Sunbird since it can only be hit by the other opponent’s shots or nan archer, but if their gate is open, I’ll get Tidal out, with Skadi behind! There is a suitable time for all champions. You just have to learn the game 🙂

BBVR: Every Black Box member gets access to our mobile fitness app. What are some of your favorite features of the app?

Rachel: I love being able to see the community feed of other Black Box members and cheering them on! It’s a great way to stay motivated and social. I also love that I can schedule my next battle from the app, which makes life so much easier and keeps me accountable for my workouts.

BBVR: Do you have any advice for people that are on the fence about trying Black Box Fitness?

Rachel: JUST DO IT! I absolutely love the experience and the game aspect of it. As a bonus, my body gets to become stronger and fitter, and yours will be too!

BBVR: Thank you, Rachel, for taking the time to share your fitness journey with us. We appreciate you. 

Rachel: Thank you! It’s been a blast, and I can’t wait to see how far I can grow with Black Box Fitness!


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