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It’s easy to avoid workouts when we’re busy, but it truly comes down to a choice. Do you value and want to prioritize your health and wellness?

Nolan wears many hats and has an incredibly active lifestyle. He produces music as kn0wn, works as a DJ, co-founded Crux Presents, and he’s the head bartender at a private country club. He’s also aspiring to work with ethnobotanical medicine. Rather than making excuses about not working out, Nolan prioritizes his health and says “sneaking a Black Box workout into my life is one of the most justifying things I could imagine.”

BBVR: Hey Nolan, you are a busy person! Thanks for taking some time to share your fitness journey with us. How did you find out about Black Box Fitness, and what made you want to try it out?

Nolan: My good friend Sterling introduced me to it. After talking with him about the concept, he called me up and asked if I’d like a free trial! That was one of the best spontaneous decisions I’ve made yet! At the time, I’d been playing around in VR but was uncertain that it could serve as a workout tool. Wow, I was wrong!

BBVR: What was your first experience like at Black Box Fitness?

Nolan: The first time I came in, I was greeted, signed up, grabbed a complimentary pre-workout drink. I was so excited when the game started that I went at it hard and began to get fatigued. But I loved the story in the game and the workout.

BBVR: The fitness experience can be a little overwhelming at first, but it sounds like you made it through. What are your favorite features of the Black Box VR fitness experience?

Nolan: The VR fitness game for sure. It’s phenomenal and so much fun to play. The game challenges you and makes you think. There is strategy involved, along with just pure fun. I am surprised this isn’t the new norm to work out!

BBVR: How does Black Box Fitness compare with other workout programs you have done?

Nolan: Black Box is addictive and makes cross-fit look like the redheaded stepchild! (no offense to redheads, stepchildren, or cross-fit). Black Box Fitness applies encouragement, motivation & guides you through every step of the workout.  It’s my favorite way to work out now!

BBVR: Do you do any other physical activities to boost your fitness results?

Nolan: Between Djaying and bar-tending, I’m doing a lot of cardio. 

I focus on Kundalini to keep my blood circulating properly and hormones at a healthy level!

BBVR: Nutrition is an essential part of health and wellness. What sort of eating habits do you incorporate into your everyday life? Do you food prep? What kinds of food do you eat?

Nolan: I break my meals up into 3, eating what I know will benefit my body. Taking into account how much I weigh and the physical energy expended throughout the day, I am very attentive to my nutrition levels.

BBVR: What kind of results have you had since you started going to Black Box Fitness?

Nolan: My stamina and endurance have gone up tremendously! Not to mention I’m even more eager to go to the gym now because it’s just so much fun! 

BBVR: What are your favorite exercises?

Nolan: I love lat pulldowns. So much goes into proper execution and hits a plethora of muscle groups! Squat would be my second favorite. Not only do those muscles benefit everyday life, but they aid in hormonal regulation.

BBVR: What are your favorite champions in the game, and how do you use them?

Nolan: My favorite champions are Torcher and Windja due to their quick and easy loading combo. After deploying them, I’m on defense mode until I can get Tidal out there to clean up the stragglers. 

BBVR: What types of strategies do you have when it comes to the Black Box Fitness gameplay?

Nolan: Persistent application is tried and true in this arena. To win, you’ve got to want it, so I am constantly pushing my boundaries here. Fortunately, the Black Box Fitness game pushes you to level up, become better in the game, and stronger in real life.  

BBVR: As you play the Black Box Fitness game, every member unlocks achievements based on your fitness performance. What are your achievements that you are most proud of and why?

Nolan: I’d have to say, hearing that I’ve lifted 50k LBS in total volume was the one I’m most proud of. Having a consistent marker for all of my lifts is a huge bonus to working out at Black Box.

BBVR: The Black Box Fitness app tracks all fitness performance, battle logs, quests and has a fantastic community helping to cheer you on. What’s your favorite feature of the app, and why?

Nolan: My favorite feature just happens to be the push notifications. I love seeing my friends that I’d introduced to Black Box Fitness continue to grow stronger. Especially the ones who had never been fond of working out before joining.

BBVR: Do you have any advice for people on the fence about trying Black Box Fitness?

Nolan: Just try it out! You’ll thank yourself later.

BBVR: Thank you for taking the time to share your fitness journey with us. We appreciate you and look forward to seeing your future workout battles.

Nolan: Thank you so much for the interview! I love seeing you guys positively affect the fitness community! I can’t wait to get in for another workout battle! 

If you’re interested in trying Black Box Fitness for FREE, find a location near you, and unlock fast fitness results!

We’ll see you in the arena soon!