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What are coins good for?

Most of your results in the Arena will come from how hard you work, how smart you play, and how fit your real-life body is, just like in sports. Other ways you can maximize your win percentage is to level up your Champions, purchase powerful powerups, and strengthen your Minions by keeping your workout streak alive.

In the Black Box VR game economy, you can earn coins which can be spent on things like:

Reward boxes
Avatar and platform aesthetics
Champion cards
Real-life merchandise and coupons
And much more coming soon!

A Hysterical Grenade is much more powerful in the game than a Basic Grenade, but it will cost ya! Saving up your coins to purchase better powerups will allow you to devastate your opponents. Also, purchasing Skadi cards, when available as a Daily Special in the Store, will help you level her up much more quickly, making your team as intimidating as possible.


Woah! That $ounds great to me. So how do I earn coins?

By far, the best way to earn coins is to go into a workout battle. You earn 1 coin for every 1 point of Energy Elixir you earn in the game.

As you know, every time you destroy an enemy’s unit, you earn Energy Elixir which shows up in your Heads-Up Display (HUD). You use it to build and deploy your own Champion units. But did you know that you also get coins for it? You’ll see your coin bank going up each time you take down an enemy on the field. Don’t worry though, you don’t lose coins when you deploy a unit. The bank just keeps going up!

You also get a coin bonus at the end of each match for every point you score on the scoreboard. It’s always worth it to get one more gate or destroy one more Crystal because even if it doesn’t affect the outcome of the battle, you’ll get more valuable coins!

In addition, if you win, all of the coins you earned during the workout get a 1.1x multiplier applied to them. You can see how pushing as hard as you can every battle can compound your results in no time.


Any other ways to earn coins?

You can also earn coins with Achievements. Achievements are earned during a battle. These are there to motivate you to do more things that help you increase your fitness levels. Small changes over time can mean huge results!

Black Box VR coins are powerful assets that you can use to level up your game in no time. Progress more quickly through the Arenas and become the envy of your friends. The view from the top looks pretty sweet.



“When I’m ready to take aim at my fitness results, I always look for ways to maximize what I get from my workout effort. One way to do that is to take smart nutritional supplements.

Of course, nothing can replace a good diet and workout routine. Supplements are simply an addition that can help you level up a little more quickly. They are like real-life powerups!

There are a lot of different supplements out there, but in the Black Box VR world, we like to stick to the basics that are proven by science to work. These hit the bullseye for me:

A pre-workout supplement to help me push a little harder that contains beta-alanine, caffeine, l-citrulline, and possibly acetyl l-carnitine.
A post-workout protein shake to help me recover and build muscle. Whey protein is the best, but any protein source will help!
A quality multi-vitamin to make sure I get the daily nutrients I need without missing anything.
Creatine to help me build muscle, gain strength, and improve my brainpower.
A fish oil supplement to improve my overall health.

These products really help me to perform at my highest levels for you in the Arena! Give them a try and prepare to reach your fitness goals faster than ever.”

Please reply to this email and let us know how you are enjoying your experience! We want to hear from you so we can continue to improve. Thank you!

We’ll see you in the Arena!