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In this article, we’ll help you understand what Placement Battles are and how they help find what Black Box VR Arena League you will be placed.

Let’s dig in!

What Are Placement Battles?

After your onboarding sessions, you will begin competing in placement battles. Your goal during these battles is to push as hard as you can to win and to get the best possible score. The better you do, the more difficult the next competitor will be and the faster you will move up the ranks.

There are six battles and six different AI competitors, each with different characteristics that will test your abilities.

For example, during one of your placement battles, you will go against a competitor that uses mainly flying units against you.  You’ll have to figure out how to best attack them using your direct damage exercises and the Champions available to you.

Also, during the placement battles, our machine learning algorithms will closely monitor your performance during each exercise and adjust the resistance up or down. The more reps you do per set (maximum of 25), the faster you will level up that exercise.

Push hard and your Level 1 Chest Press will soon be Level 10 or higher! That means that every rep does more damage out on the battlefield, making it easy to get the win. That also means that your body is getting stronger and more fit.

What Happens After My Six Placement Battles?

As soon as you finish your final placement battle, you will get an email and in-app notification letting you know which Arena League you made it in to. Your Arena League determines who you are matched against in ladder-ranked battles.

There are five Arena Leagues:

I – Bronze
II – Silver
III – Gold
IV – Platinum
V – Diamond

Each Arena League has 10 arenas. Everybody starts in Arena 1 and competes against the profiles of others to move up!

Do your best and let’s see where you start out. No matter where you are placed, we will help you level up!



“The last thing you want as you start your Black Box VR journey is to get injured. That’s why it’s always important to warmup before your battles. I’m a fire Champion, so I’m always warm, but I still make sure to follow a smart routine before you call me in to fight.

I spend 5 – 15 minutes before my battle doing things like:

Light cardio on a bike.
Light bodyweight cardio exercises like running in place, high knees, squat jumps, burpees, and others.
Light bodyweight resistance exercises like pushups, squats, lunges, bench dips, calf raises, sit-ups and others.
Light resistance exercises using bands, focusing on hitting each major muscle group.

That works well for me!

Also, I recommend that you do a few Light exercise sets to start off your battle in the first round. Just hit the ‘Light’ option on your exercise table and bust out 10 – 20 reps on easy mode.”


“Dude, warming up is important, but I feel like it’s my job as a water Champion to remind you to also cool down afterwards!

Some light stretching while your muscles are warm can increase your flexibility, help prevent injury, and help bring your heart rate back down. You can even do some light cardio on a bike or take a walk outside for a few minutes. Super important, my friend!”

We’ll see you in the Arena!