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At Black Box VR, we have some fantastic Hero Members. Andrew Law has been working out at Black Box VR for two years and continues to level up through the arenas while transforming his life along the way.

We sat down with Andrew to learn more about what drives him to workout at Black Box VR. 

BBVR: Hey Andrew! Thank you for taking some time with us today. Tell us a little about yourself and what you do when you’re not leveling up at Black Box VR?

Andrew: I like to have fun with my three boys. We go to the trampoline park a lot, play games, and are generally pretty silly. I also enjoy board games, hacking things, and building stuff. I’m currently a business systems consultant. I love being able to help businesses become more efficient and scalable.  

BBVR: How many Black Box VR workouts have you completed over these last two years? 

Andrew: The app says that I have completed 221, but we reset my account back in March of 2019, so I’m probably closer to 300.

BBVR: What Black Box VR achievements are you proud of the most? 

Andrew: I’m super proud to be a Hero Level 29 and in the top arena of the Diamond League, but the biggest thing I’m proud of is being able to say I’ve stuck with it for two years. I can’t take credit for that, though; Black Box makes it easy to keep going.

BBVR: How did you discover Black Box VR? 

Andrew: I think I was looking for VR jobs in Boise in 2017. I reached out to Black Box and heard back from Ryan DeLuca the CEO. Somehow I got on the beta test list, and the rest is history.

BBVR: Tell us a little bit about your first experience? How does it compare with other workout programs they have done in the past?

Andrew: Well, my very first experience was quite different from the current Black Box VR workout. I remember that my measurements and profile had to be entered manually. The game has also changed in so many ways. I loved it from the start, though. It’s gotten much better, but it has always been addictive and super motivating to push me to level up. 

BBVR: What physical and mental results have you achieved by going to Black Box VR? Has it improved their life and if so, in what ways?

Andrew: I feel much more confident in my physical appearance and fitness. I don’t know that I’ll ever look like a bodybuilder, but that’s not important to me. I always had a goal to be more physically fit, but I never enjoyed the process, so I never stuck with anything. Physically, I feel healthier and mentally, I can tackle more demanding life challenges than ever before.

BBVR: What are your favorite parts of Black Box VR? Why do you like it?

Andrew: I love the addictiveness most of all. Most gyms I have to push myself to go, and I don’t ever really enjoy it. With Black Box, I have to stop myself from going too often. My favorite part is that it keeps me coming back. There is so much to like about it, though. It’s a super-efficient and effective workout. I don’t know that many other workouts could pack as much in as Black Box does.     

BBVR: Any fun gameplay strategies you would like to share?

Andrew: The first thing I do is take out all of my opponent’s units with direct attack exercises. That builds up my elixir, so I have a surplus to use. Then I deploy Rock Dude and immediately deploy 3 Skadis in a row. These should all be in the same lane so that Rock Dude can absorb all the damage, and the Skadis can take down the gate and crystal quickly. That’s how I maximize points.

Other general guidelines are to have the machine configuring your exercises while you field units, only focus on one lane, and don’t try and fight the AI units with your champions.  

BBVR: What type of features would you like to see added to Black Box add in the future? 

Andrew: I’m looking forward to the second-generation machine. I’d like to level up my legs and row some more and see if I can push to the next level. I’d like to see some defensive units or perhaps a medic that could rush in and heal my gates or crystal in the game. The towers have been an excellent addition, but I think more could be done to enhance the depth of strategy available. Also, I look forward to when I’ll be able to fight on a team or go against other players.

Thank you for taking the time with us, Andrew. From everyone at Black Box VR, we appreciate all your feedback, your passion for the game, and we love seeing how you have transformed your life. 

See you in the arena soon!