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Although David Linn lives a primarily sedentary lifestyle, Black Box Fitness gives him a reason to step away from the computer, leave the house, and spend some time trying to surpass challenges and reach the next level of excellence during his workouts. His story is inspirational and once again reminds us that people are motivated in different ways. Black Box Fitness is changing lives by encouraging physical activity, building self-esteem, and helping people establish routines that promote more healthy lifestyles.

BBVR: Thank you, David, for talking with us today. We are so happy you are loving your Black Box Fitness workouts. Tell us a bit about yourself. 

David: Well, I’m on disability for autism, ADHD, and anxiety. I spend a lot of time on Youtube. I enjoy watching bands. One of my favorites is a band called “First To Eleven” and they rock covers of popular songs. Beyond that, it’s primarily educational videos about finance, economics, and all branches of science. I love watching Jordan Peterson. He’s a world-famous Ph.D. psychologist who is constantly dropping mountains of wisdom on everyone. 

I make Youtube videos, too. My channel is David Linn. I make subliminal videos that program the subconscious to make positive changes in one’s life automatically. Beyond Youtube, I also have a lovely girlfriend, April. She’s so selfless and sweet and intelligent. She’s always my top priority. We plan on living together in the next couple of years when she’s finished with school in England. 

BBVR: How did you find out about Black Box Fitness, and what made you want to try it out? 

David: My friend Caleb is always busy, and I would see him leaving his house with a bag saying he was going to the gym. I asked which gym, and he started describing it and invited me to visit. Although I told him I wasn’t interested in video games, he said this game is a lot of fun, and the workout is good for you. Initially, I said no, but later his brother Michael (also my friend) said he would try it out with Caleb, and since I wanted to hang out with both of my friends, I agreed to go. So now I’m addicted to Black Box Fitness and cain’t stop working out. 

BBVR: We are so glad you gave it a try! What is your favorite feature of the Black Box VR Fitness experience? 

David: The workout is great, but I love how immersive the Black Box world is! I knew what Virtual Reality was, but there’s a big difference between seeing it on Youtube and engaging with it. It’s amazing!

BBVR: How does Black Box VR compare with other workout programs you’ve done in the past?

David: I’ve tried going to regular gyms, but they are just not fun, and I never found the motivation to keep going. I have a Compex, an electric muscle stimulation device that works my muscles and even massages them. However, I don’t particularly like having to put it on. The Black Box Fitness workouts allow me to move, and they really push me to my limits while giving me a game to play. Also, losing has consequences, so it motivates me to push harder! 

BBVR: Do you do any other physical activities to boost your Black Box Fitness results?

David: No, I live a very sedentary lifestyle. I sit at my computer and work on my Youtube channel most days. I know that needs to change, but I’m a very good thinker, and thinking about exercising is not the same as doing it. This is why it’s so amazing that Black Box is able to keep me coming back and pushing me to the limit!

BBVR: Have you had any positive fitness or mental results since you started going to Black Box VR? 

David: Oh yes! I am a lot more flexible these days, and it’s so much easier to move my body! I’m not groaning or making noises while I do it. Haha!! I’ve noticed I can lift and carry boxes more easily without being so out of breath, and I’ve also noticed some muscle definition and firmness. I can’t say I’ve seen any mental results per se, but for sure on the physical. 

BBVR: Do you have any in-game Black Box Fitness achievements that you are most proud of?

David: Every time I defeat an arena boss, it’s an outstanding achievement for me. Not for the pins or upgraded arena, but because I keep being informed that the boss will not take it easy on me, which makes me nervous. Before my battle, I get caffeinated up, and when the game starts, I work out as hard as I can. So when I win and beat the boss battles, it feels like a real accomplishment to me.

BBVR: What are your favorite exercises? 

David: Deadlift and chest press. Deadlifts are my thing because they’re just so easy to do. It’s like no matter how many times the game increases the weight for me, I know I can do it. When it comes to deadlifts, I’m a terminator. The Deadliftinator! Chest press is another favorite because it just feels comfortable. Every workout I do, I always start my battles with chest press. The overhead press is also getting my attention recently because it’s my weakest exercise, and I want to improve. So I’ll do overhead press and take 3 reps to take out a single minion. So far, my overhead has gone from 35 lbs to 64 lbs! 

BBVR: Nice work on the overhead press! Black Box has a mobile companion app that shows your fitness progress and more. What are some of your favorite features in the app?

David: I love the graphs showing my progress of how I’ve improved over time. I love seeing that line go up at a 45-degree angle. For example, right now, I’ve been attending the Black Box Fitness gym long enough that I’ve doubled the weight on most of the exercises. That makes me feel accomplished.

BBVR: Do you have any advice for people that are on the fence about trying Black Box Fitness?

David: Black Box Fitness has free trials. If you don’t like it, no biggie! If you like it, you’ll be getting in better shape while having fun and supporting a great company. The Black Box Fitness machine will test you to see exactly how much weight to give you. It sets you up so you can stop when YOU want to, not when some coach tells you to. You don’t lift any more weight than you can handle.  

BBVR: Thank you, David, for taking the time to share your fitness journey with us. We appreciate you. 

David: Yeah! No problem! This interview was very enjoyable.


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