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If you work out regularly, there will be benefits that come about as a result. But, while many might just be concerned with losing weight, building muscle, improve brain functions, or protect against diseases, longevity is often an afterthought. But, according to a new study, one specific form of training has now been found to help increase your lifespan overall–and it just so happens to be the same form of training that Black Box Fitness offers.

According to biochemist and author Robb Wolf, strength training is specifically a form of exercise that can have a drastic effect when it comes to how long you live. In a new episode of the minbodygreen podcast, Wolf explained that accumulating and maintaining healthy muscle mass helps you more than anything else when it comes to living a long, fruitful life. Part of the reason for this is because as you get older, your body naturally starts to lose the muscle mass that you have accrued naturally. This process is specifically known as sarcopenia, and while it is natural, losing muscle, as a result, can lead to you becoming less healthy.

“There’s this guarantee of losing muscle mass, losing the ability for maximum power production, as we age that begins in our 30s,” Wolf explained of the process. While sarcopenia might normally happen on its own, Wolf said that it can be delayed by ensuring that you partake in activities that allow you to maintain your muscle. “If you want to avoid a rest home if you want to avoid neurodegenerative disease… All of that plays favorably to maintaining adequate muscle mass into aging,” Wolf says.

Even beyond living longer (which everyone undoubtedly strives for), strength training also features many other benefits that you might not usually think about. 

  • Development of better body mechanics
  • The ability to keep weight off after losing it
  • Increased bone health
  • More flexibility
  • Greater energy
  • Improvement to sleeping patterns
  • Lowers chances of acquiring certain diseases, including diabetes and some forms of cancer

So can Black Box Fitness help you live longer? Well, assuming that Wolf’s research is accurate, then absolutely.