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We are so excited to announce that our Boise location is opening back up on May 18th!

Keeping You Safe

There is a new normal that we are all embracing as best as we can. In order to keep all of our members and staff safe we are taking the following precautions including the following: 

  • Extending the time in between each workout so that our staff can clean and disinfect every part of the booth before the next workout.
  • All staff and members will be required to have their temperature taken by a touchless thermometer when they come into the gym.
  • All staff will be required to wear masks and gloves.
  • We will use the Clean Box with UVC medical-grade lighting to disinfect our headsets like always.
  • We encourage members to wear masks when they come into the gym. 

New Pricing

Here at Black Box VR, we have been working hard to reach as many people as possible to experience the magic of virtual reality and fitness. In lieu of this, we have made a few changes to our pricing structure. 


San Francisco


These changes will give you more options to work Black Box VR into your schedule so you can keep up your fitness routine.

Please choose your location to learn about the new pricing structure.

We’ll see you in the arena soon!