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Long-time teacher, coach, athlete, and now Black Box VR member Pat Moramarco has been at Vista High School in North San Diego County for 31 years. He is no stranger to fitness and has been Athletic Director for 24 of those years. He’s coached football, basketball, tennis, track, and softball. Pat’s biggest hobby is working out and finding ways to supplement his training with playing sports. 

Pat has over 83 Black Box VR workouts under his belt and is still going strong. We asked Pat about his experience and what he likes most about Black Box VR Fitness. 

Here’s his story. 

BBVR: Hey Pat! Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule. How did you discover Black Box VR Fitness? 

Pat: I’m a member of EoS Fitness gym in Oceanside California and noticed the Black Box VR gym there when you first opened. I thought it looked interesting. I went online to look up more information and become intrigued by all the positive reviews I found about Black Box VR.

BBVR: How long have you been a member, and how many workouts have you completed so far? 

Pat: I started in October 2020, and as of today, I’ve completed 83 workouts. By the time this interview comes out, 83+. 

BBVR: That’s very impressive and a remarkable workout streak. 

What are your favorite parts of Black Box VR? 

Pat: The fast circuit-style workout! I have always enjoyed fast-paced circuits, supersets, giant sets for working out. I like coupling cardio and strength training, and the Black Box VR workout is perfect for that. 

BBVR: You definitely get your cardio in while doing a strength training workout in the Black Box. What Black Box VR Achievements are you most proud of? 

Pat: I am most proud of my 83 consecutive workout streak. I think being consistent is the first step to accomplishing your goals. 

Next is probably my 16.6 K trophies. I think it shows my steady progress over time. I don’t see an age category, but I think I am holding my own in workouts for my age, 57.

BBVR: What was your first experience like with Black Box VR, and how does it compare with other workout programs you have done in the past? 

Pat: The first few onboarding workouts were enjoyable. I have never been a gamer, so trying to figure out, understand, and remember water vs. Air vs. Fire, etc., was a bit challenging for me. So that was very different. 

For the first 7 to 8 workouts, I was doing a push, pull, squat exercise, then a pull, pull, deadlift, etc., rotating for the 30-minute workout. Once I started to figure out the elements and how the game was pushing me to play, my score became more consistent, and then it began to challenge me more with different attacks. 

Black Box VR is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. It’s fast and effective and unlocks quick fitness results. 

BBVR: What physical and mental results have they achieved by going to Black Box VR? Has it improved their life? If so, In what ways?

Pat: I have maintained my weight and lost 3-5 % body fat. I feel like I have more power and endurance. I ride a bicycle on weekends, and hills have become a lot easier to climb. I also have more energy throughout the day. 

BBVR: Congratulations on losing body fat and maintaining your weight. You’ve swapped some of the extra fat for muscle! Do you have any fun gameplay strategies to share with our readers? 

Pat: I try to deploy a tank unit first to soak up attacks from my opponent. Then I will deploy the archer, Skadi, or Sunbird to attack from a distance. Once I have my team on the field, I start my exercises to help the team take down a gate to expose the opponent’s crystal. 

BBVR: That strategy works very well. Do you have a favorite champion? If so, why?

Pat: SunBird is my favorite champion. Only a few champions can attack flying units, so the SunBird is very effective most of the time. I also like the champion Tidal. He’s a strong tank unit, and he can absorb many hits while allowing others to get the job done. 

BBVR: What is your favorite exercise and why? 

Pat: Probably lat pulldowns (Wind Blast). It’s great exercise, and I can get a lot of good reps with it usually. 

BBVR: With your membership at Black Box VR, you get to use our companion mobile app to schedule your workouts, upgrade your champions, etc… What do you like most about the Black Box VR mobile app? 

Pat: I like the fitness stats for everything I do in my workout. I am a numbers person. The ability to see all my workout data trended over time holds me accountable and motivates me to keep battling. 

BBVR: At Black Box VR, we are constantly listening to our member’s feedback. What type of features would you like to see added in the future? 

Pat: I would love to see a few more exercises added to change things up a bit in the workout. Right now, there are 6 core exercises, and once you make it to Arena 3, you unlock tricep dips and bicep curls. It would be awesome to have a few more to unlock as you progress higher in the arenas. It would also be great to have alternate workouts to mix things up. Kind of like choose your own adventure. Maybe it’s an option that unlocks after every 4 or 6 workout battles.  

BBVR: Do you have any advice for people on the fence about trying Black Box VR? 

Pat: If you are looking for something different in your fitness routine, give it a try. You won’t be sorry. I’m not a gamer, but I love how Black Box VR has gamified a 30-minute high-intensity fitness workout. 

BBVR: Thanks, Pat, for sharing your journey with everyone. Keep battling, and we’ll see you in the arena soon. 

If you are interested in testing out a Black Box VR Fitness workout in the San Diego area, check out our location at EoS Fitness Gym in Oceanside California.


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