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There’s no time to waste. The fate of the universe is in your hands. 

We’ve received word that Rezzer and his team of nasty minions are hell-bent on destroying the Arena Leagues. If they succeed, the universal power generator will fail and life as we know it may cease to exist.

We need you. You are the only one that can help us. It’s not going to be easy, but if you give it every ounce of grit, athleticism, strength, and endurance that you can muster, we can beat back this evil army and defeat them for good. 

When you first join Black Box VR, you’ll be guided through an exciting universe-jumping adventure that will get you quickly on your way to fast fitness results. Whether you are a complete workout and gaming beginner or an eSports pro with ripped abs, our tutorials will help you become a Black Box VR athlete in no time.


Over the course of your first six workout battles, you’ll follow MAIA, your faithful mentor, and she’ll show you:

  1. The rules of battle and how to win.
  2. How to interact with the resistance cable machine to fire explosive weapons.
  3. How to properly perform each exercise attack with perfect form.
  4. Your team of Champions that will join you in battle.
  5. How to use power-ups to gain an advantage.
  6. How to use the free mobile companion app to schedule battles, manage your battle deck, view your stats, and find friends and allies.
  7. The difference between exercise and Champion elements and when to use them.


Every step of the way you’ll have help to be sure you are successful. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to understand!  No prior workout, technology, or gaming experience required.

When you do an exercise for the first time, we’ll test your abilities and analyze your results to give you a proper starting resistance level. Over the course of the onboarding modules, we’ll use the latest machine learning techniques to raise or lower the resistance levels based on your performance. You’ll get dialed in with the right weight so it’s exactly what you personally can handle and then help you go up. That type of progress will translate into stronger muscles, lower body fat, and a revved-up metabolism. 

Fire Beam – (Chest Press)

You’re the hero in this exciting story adventure!  This is unlike any workout program you’ve seen before. No more painfully boring workouts are needed to reach your fitness goals. It’s time to make fitness as exciting and addictive as your favorite video games. The new Black Box VR onboarding will get you started. See you in the Arena!