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  • Story Time!

  • Upcoming Events

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  • Clean Box

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Help others discover the revolutionary way Black Box VR combines fitness with the excitement of gaming, creating a unique and engaging workout experience.

Here’s how you can share your story and help grow our community:

1. Google Review: Leave a Google review. It’s quick and simple, and your feedback provides invaluable insights to others interested in transforming their fitness journey.

2. Member Interview Form: Share more about your experience in detail through our Member Interview Form. Tell us about your achievements, challenges, and how Black Box VR has impacted your life.

To show our appreciation, you’ll earn 300 Unity Gems for your participation, which can be used to unlock exciting features and rewards within the Black Box VR universe!

Your experiences not only inspire new members to join, but they also motivate our community to keep pushing their limits. Let’s make fitness an adventure that everyone wants to embark on!

  • Sunday, May 12th: Happy Mother’s Day! Roses and 50% off Special. 
    • Time: Starting May 1st – 12th
    • All Mom’s Receive 50% off their first Month. (new members)
    • Any one that brings a Mom (doesn’t have to be your mom) and they sign-up will also receive 50% off their next Month.
    • Bring your Mom on the 12th for Roses, Champaign, Snacks, and Workouts.
  • Friday, May 17th: Friday Game Day (Bring a Friend)
    • Time 4 – 7 pm / Meridian Gym
    • Play your favorite Games (Beat Saber, Table Tennis, Cornhole) and Win Season 12 Prizes.
    • Snack and Drinks.
  • Monday, May 27th: Murph Challenge
    • Time 1- 3 pm / Meridian Gym
    • Come take on the ultimate Memorial Day Challenge the MURPH! (ask your Hero Trainer)
    • Custom IRL items.
    • Food and Snacks will be available.

All events: Friends and Family are welcome! Bring them along and have some fun. 


Black Box VR is passionately committed to revolutionizing your health and fitness experience by partnering with local leading companies. This is not just about working out; it’s about transforming your lifestyle and embracing a future where fitness is fun, effective, and continuously evolving through innovative collaborations.

Click any logo to visit their website.

How we create the cleanest and most hygienic workout environment.

  • INDIVIDUAL VR COVERS: Each headset is equipped with its own sweat proof VR cover, ensuring that the part of the headset touching your face is always clean.
  • ADVANCED CLEANING TECH: The headsets are cleaned between uses with Clean Box technology. This employs UV-C light, a medical-grade wavelength of ultraviolet light trusted by hospitals for its effectiveness in decontamination.
  • MEDICAL-GRADE SANITIZATION: The combination of UV-C light technology with a nanotech coating and compressed air blasts offers a thorough cleaning, decontaminating the headset effectively.
  • NO DIRECT SWEAT CONTACT: The design ensures that your face will never touch another person’s sweat. This is a crucial aspect, especially considering the active nature of the VR workouts.

Stay Connected!

There is strength in numbers and that’s why we have created the Black Box VR Discord server. We want a platform for our members to be able to ask questions, share stories, and discuss game and workout strategies.