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Fitness is broken.

Most people do not get enough exercise in their lives, even with the best intentions. The elusive fitness dream remains an unreachable fantasy for people as they join a gym, try out the new celebrity fad diet, and take the latest miracle pill.

Let’s face it. Working out and eating right is not the most fun thing in the world, no matter how you try to spin it or spice it up. Our bodies and minds fight us at every turn, coaxing us to eat “just one slice” or put the difficult workout off until “after this episode”. A new diet comes out with promises of meals that taste better than chocolate cake (or even include chocolate cake). A new workout fad showcases models that are smiling throughout their effortless routines. Look how much fun we are all having!

And maybe it is fun, at least for a few weeks. But the mind is great at getting used to new things and the new becomes the ordinary. And avoided. Back to Netflix and chilled martinis.

Something is about to finally change that for everybody, and for good. And this something is actually not even real. It’s virtual. It doesn’t really exist, but will give you that fit body for the real, living, breathing world.

Virtual reality is about to change fitness forever, and Black Box VR will be leading the way.

When you think about VR, you may imagine it is just for nerds, or just for fantasy video games; a sideshow act to be tried once and forgotten about.

But VR is about to change society in ways that are currently unimaginable. It will become just as much a part of our daily lives as the Internet is today. Augmented reality will be more indispensable than our smartphones.

The most basic idea for VR workouts is to put on a headset and have a trainer standing in front of you, guiding you through a body weight type of workout (like Wii Fit) or to be in a virtual world while running on a treadmill. These ideas will become reality soon, and they will be more effective, affordable, and fun than actually hiring a trainer or visiting another country for a quick jog.

Black Box VR will take it to the next level with a chain of boutique gyms, coming to major cities in the USA. Black Box VR workouts will immerse you into a virtual world, creating an emotional experience as you get a complete resistance and cardio training workout, designed by world-class fitness experts and athletes. Three full body workouts per week, 45 minutes each, will be enough to skyrocket your fitness levels while making it feel as effortless and fun as possible.

You aren’t working out. You are saving the city. Or solving a mystery. Or finding the treasure. You are inside your own movie and as you reach out to pull that rope or lift the handles on the block, you’ll really feel them there. Functional fitness in a fictional world.

Every Black Box VR gym not only includes the keystone Black Box experience, but multiple rooms showcasing the latest in VR fitness gear for members to use and benefit from, including cardio machines like treadmills and spin bikes as well as room scale group classes.

A Black Box VR invite-only membership will include access to the Black Box companion app with an easy scheduler, full goal and progress tracking as every detail of your experience is recorded and automatically analyzed for you. The next time you enter the Black Box, the experience will change based on your latest strength, endurance, and body measurement updates. Plateaus are not allowed.

The Black Box VR brand mashes together the best of fitness, fashion, art, and cinema to inspire every member to become their best in the story that is their life.

Fitness is broken. People don’t enjoy their workouts. Normal gyms and routines are boring. It’s hard to know what to do. Almost everybody quits and never actually achieves the body and life they are longing for so deeply.

The coming wave of VR technology and tools will open up new and effective ways to make your workout an experience that you could only dream about previously. Except it’s not a dream. It’s Black Box VR.

The experience is virtual. The results are real.