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Ryan DeLuca, our CEO, was featured on University of Michigan’s Wellness Paradox, the podcast created by their School of Kinesiology.

From the show host:

“Technology and exercise have become inextricably linked during the past three years. From wearables, to connected fitness equipment, to even zoom workouts with a client, many of us can’t imagine fitness without some type of technological integration.

Our guest in episode 83, Ryan DeLuca, thinks the next technological innovation we should be looking at in the fitness industry is virtual reality. In fact, as Ryan points out in this conversation, it’s already here.

In this episode we’ll explore virtual reality’s application to fitness and exercise, particularly as a way to make exercise more enjoyable for non-traditional exercisers, leading to greater long-term compliance. We’ll also dive into how fitness professionals should consider approaching this technology right now and, in the years to come, as it progresses.

Technological advances don’t have to be a scary thing, and they certainly won’t put fitness professionals out of job, if they know how to interact with emerging technologies, like VR. That is the primary goal of this conversation; to give fitness professionals a look over the horizon of a fitness technology that is fast emerging in the marketplace.

You definitely don’t want to miss Ryan’s insights in this exciting area!”

You can listen to the show on the Wellness Paradox Podcast website or through your favorite podcast provider.


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