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The UCLA Airway & Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory and its newest laboratory space, UC Fit, have been using the Black Box VR fitness system during the pandemic. With gyms being closed down across the country, this has been a fantastic way for the students and faculty of UCLA to remain fit and active during this locked down phase we all are experiencing.

This project has provided them with a space to work out and test the world’s most intelligent AI strength training fitness system. The Director of UC Fit, Dr. Brett A. Dolezal says “as of February 2021, there have been over 1000 workout sessions completed.” The results recorded from workouts performed 3-4 times a week have shown optimal results in building muscle and losing fat.

Excerpt from the UCLA Press Release

“Maintaining an active lifestyle, including taking advantage of nascent technologies such as exergaming, during this period of isolation and stress is vital. Gamifying exercise training enhances entertainment and motivation while simultaneously distracting the player from fatigue. Redirected attention towards gameplay has overwhelming implications for especially those that are overtly sedentary. Moreover, our preliminary research results indicate substantial physiological and metabolic demand (i.e., ~85% max HR and >12.9 METs) of these 30-minute IVR exergaming sessions. Considering the myriad of benefits resistance training has in decreasing fat mass while concurrently increasing lean mass, muscle strength and power, energy expenditure, and resting metabolic rate, IVR resistance training has great potential to improve health and fitness. According to the latest Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, adults participating in 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity activity, or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity per week achieve optimal health benefits. Hence, increasing public participation in exercise is paramount to establishing a healthy population and combating rising levels of obesity. Indeed, IVR exergaming presents a possible link between sedentary pastimes and physical activity that may promote greater public engagement in exercise, especially during this global pandemic.”

Read The Full UCLA Press Release Here

UC Fit points out that not only does staying in shape help you physically, but it also has been proven to boost your immune system as well as your inflammatory response to infections. This particular fact seems to be overlooked at this time in the world, and it shows just how vital exercise can be as it can reduce a lot of the stress, previous conditions and even enhance the effectiveness of the current vaccines. With this workout and many others, you can ensure that your immune system will be stronger for it and that’s as great an advertisement to get exercise in your daily routine as any.

UC Fit will be conducting unbiased future studies to show the Black Box VR fitness system’s efficacy. Black Box VR is on a mission to making exercising not only more interesting but also more effective. By getting the largely sedentary world of gaming into the exercise realm, the fight against obesity and the illnesses that come along with it takes another step in the right direction.

If you are interested in trying out Black Box VR, please visit our locations page and sign up for a FREE trial.