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The Game is Getting an Important Update!

After extensive testing with many of you, we are making some important changes to the gameplay rules. This update will help make the game more fun, more strategic, and more balanced!

What is Changing

As you know, you use Energy Elixir to deploy Champions. For example, you spend 700 Energy Elixir points to build a Skadi. Once you are out of Energy Elixir, you can’t build more Champions until you get more.

You earn Energy Elixir by destroying your competitor’s Champions and Minions. Today, you get 100% of the Energy Elixir for that specific Champion that you defeated. For example, if you defeat the enemy’s Skadi, you get 700 points of Energy Elixir. That’s how much it cost your competitor to build Skadi, so that’s how much you get.  You also get 5 points of Energy Elixir for every one of their Minions that you defeat.

Of course, your competitor gets Energy Elixir the same way… by destroying your Champions and Minions.

Starting this Monday, we are making a few changes to this system. Instead of getting 100% of the Energy Elixir from each defeated Champion, you will receive 50%. That means if you destroy their Skadi, you’ll get 350 points of Energy Elixir instead of 700.

But! You now get 50 Energy Elixir points for every Minion you defeat. That’s 10 times as much as before! Taking down those auto-spawning little punks is now more valuable than ever.

The maximum amount of Energy Elixir you can have at once is 2400. Any Energy Elixir you get after that will not be counted, so it’s best to use it before you lose it!

Why we are Changing this Rule

With the old method, it was easy to hoard Energy Elixir. When you had all of it, your competitor couldn’t deploy any more Champions. This created a balancing issue that made it so that only one or two different strategies really mattered.  If there is only one way to play, the game loses it’s fun value.

This updated rule makes it so that even if one side is hoarding a lot of Energy Elixir, you can still defeat a few of their Minions and get enough points to build another powerful Champion!

So to recap, using Tidal as the example this time…

Old Game Mode: 

  • Defeat Tidal: Get 1200 Energy Elixir points (100% value)
  • Defeat Minions: Get 5 Energy Elixir points each
  • Max Energy Elixir: No cap

New Game Mode:

  • Defeat Tidal: Get 600 Energy Elixir points (50% value)
  • Defeat Minions: Get 50 Energy Elixir points each
  • Max Energy Elixir: 2400

Season Reset is Happening to your Account!

This new method is pretty different, so we are resetting everyone back to Arena 1 in their League. You Cards will be reset back to the default starting Cards as well. This gives everyone a level playing field when the update goes live. Your Hero Level and Exercise Levels will stay the same.

Enjoy the new and improved game and work your way back up to higher Arenas!  The people that have been testing this over the last few weeks have all reported better, more fun workouts. Let us know how it goes for you!