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Black Box VR Arena Raids


First things first… this is our first second month in our first Arena Raid season which firstly means there will be a lot of firsts and for first-timers the first thing they might ask will be what do they need to know first? Well, for first’s sake, here is what you tell them:

High Level

  • Every Black Box VR Season is three months long.
  • Season 8 is from April 1st to June 30th!
  • We break each season into three parts, based on the calendar months.
    • For Season 8:
    • Month 1: April
    • Month 2: May
    • Month 3: June
  • Every month is broken into two major periods:
    • Team Tactical Prep:
    • The ~3 weeks before Arena Raid week.
      • For Season 8, Month 2:
      • May 1st to May 24th
    • Arena Raid Week:
    • Last 7 days of the calendar month.
      • For Season 8, Month 2:
      • May 25th to May 31st
  • That means there are three Arena Raid weeks in Season 8.
    • April 24th to April 30th
    • May 25th to May 31st
    • June 24th to June 30th
  • Every team member will get to do up to three Arena Raid battles during each Arena Week, for a total of nine for the Season. That’s 270 minutes to fight your way to glory!

Now that April is done, we have moved into month two…

Month Two Start

Month one’s Arena Raid week is over! No more Arena Raid battles can be done, even if you didn’t get them all done last week. You snooze, you lose! 😴

We are now back into Team Tactical Prep! Time to get prepared for month two’s Arena Raids.

  • All of the Boost Items you earned for last month are gone. Poof! 🧙‍♂️
    • New Boost Items are available! 🎉
  • Want to do better in the next Arena Raid? Get as many Team Boosts as you can!
    • Get Team Boosts by earning Team Boost Tokens
  • Earn Team Boost Tokens by completing Team Shared Quest milestones!
    • New Team Shared Quests are available!

Month Two Arena Raid Week – May 25th to May 31st

Everyone will start back at Challenger 1 again. Can you do better than you did last time?

Other than the Boost Items mentioned above, focus us:

  • Getting stronger, faster, and more fit!
  • Upgrading your Champions
  • Earning and upgrading Gear items
  • Stocking up on Hysterical Powerups
  • Unlocking new Champions, Towers and Powerups (if you haven’t already)
  • Getting better at the game strategy
  • Want your whole team to do better so you all get better scores and more Fragments? Help them to improve as well!
  • Support each other as you ALL stay active at the gym 3+ times per week, get fitter, and earn valuable upgrades!


Your team’s total Raid Points are saved from month one and shown in the app.

Your personal and Team’s total score for Season 8 is month one + month two + month three.

Have fun while staying committed to your team and your goals throughout the entire three month season! You’ll be more fit than ever and give your team that best chance to come in…


About Black Box VR

Black Box VR is the world’s first virtual reality esport that combines resistance training, HIIT cardio, and intense gaming to deliver a science-backed workout experience. With gym locations open in San Francisco, Phoenix, Oceanside, and Boise, members are able to build muscle, lose fat, and get fit while playing an addictive game.

What is Black Box VR? Let one of our athletes show you: