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Season 4 Emblem - Preston DesignSummer is not too far away and we want to help you get your Summer Shred started off right in Season 4! To kick it off, we are adding some awesome new EXCLUSIVE items to the various reward ladders.

First, you can climb the Season 4: Summer Shred individual XP ladder and unlock a Black Box VR Shaker Bottle for hitting the halfway point. Think you reach the top? If you can, you’ll unlock the limited edition Season 4 – 100% Club Tee. This is an item that you can only earn this season so push hard!

If that wasn’t enough, you can also unlock some amazing swag items by working with your Team to climb the Team Trophy ladder. Reach the halfway point and unlock and amazing and BRAND NEW Champion Tee featuring Windja, the Champion of this Season. If you can reach the top, you’ll unlock an exclusive canvas design. We’ll even add your Black Box VR username to customize it. Hang it on your wall and bask in your glorious achievement!

Make like Windja and get your SHRED on this Season! Unlock…

Season 4 SWAG!

Time to get swaggy! 

Time to get swaggy! 

Time to get swaggy! 

Time to get swaggy! 

Don't Forget:

Rewards available in this Season are limited-time. Make sure you push hard this Season! Level up your swag and life!

Join the 90-day Body Transformation Challenge

Also as part of this season, we are opening a special offer for new and existing members as part of our 90-Day Body Transformation Challenge. You HAVE to check out the insane results the test group experienced in only 90 days! Amazing results using only Black Box.

The Challenge runs from April 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022. The last day to signup is April 15th, 2022 and the promotion is limited so sign-up today!

Oooh Soo Shiny!

Not only will you unlock new swag for pushing hard with your new Team, but you’ll also unlock new HELMETS! That’s right, check out these sweet new helmets you’ll be able to unlock for your Avatar. No, they don’t give you any special powers…unless you consider being one of the coolest Heroes in the Black Box VR Universe a power.

Gear Items - Preston Designed

One last thing!

We’ve also started adding Boss audio to the different Bosses in the Arenas! Enjoy the even more immersive and fun experience these add to each Workout Battle.

That’s it! We have a lot of exciting new things for you this Season! So, join the 90-Day Body Challenge and kick off Season 4 with a bang! Remember, the majority of items in this Season are limited-time and will not be achievable when the Season ends, so get after it!

We’ll see you in the Arenas!

Preston Lewis & Ryan DeLuca