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Season 5 – Beach Body

By July 5, 2022No Comments

Summer is here and we want to help you get your Beach Body in Season 5! To kick it off, we are adding some awesome new EXCLUSIVE items to the various reward ladders.

First, you can climb the Season 5: Beach Body individual XP ladder and unlock a Black Box VR keychain for hitting the halfway point. Think you can reach the top? If you can, you’ll unlock the limited edition Season 5 – 100% Club Tee. This is an item that you can only earn this season so push hard!

If that wasn’t enough, you can also unlock some amazing swag items by working with your Team to climb the Team Trophy ladder. Reach the halfway point and unlock and amazing and BRAND NEW Champion Tee featuring Aquafist, the Champion of this Season. If you can reach the top, you’ll unlock an exclusive canvas design. We’ll even add your Black Box VR username to customize it. Hang it on your wall and bask in your glorious achievement!

Now you can unlock up to 6 Avatar Gear Slots by climbing the Lifetime XP Ladder. You can now also unlock 3 Gear Slots per Champion by leveling up your Champion Card Levels! That’s a lot of extra firepower in the Black Box VR Arenas. That’s not all, we are also re-introducing past Gear Items you can unlock again this Season.

Avatar Gear items:

  • Fire Crit Booster
  • Air Crit Booster
  • Water Crit Booster

Champion Gear Items:

  • Champion Gate Damage Booster
  • Champion Crystal Damage Booster
  • Champion Gate and Crystal Damage Booster

Want more?! You got it!

For the first time ever, you can plug your phone into the adapter in the workout booth to listen to your own music while you’re duking it out in the Battle Arenas!

DON’T FORGET…when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Be sure to hit this Season 5 hard to unlock all of the exclusive rewards! After each Season expires, you lose access to exclusive content that can never be unlocked again! So, don’t wait! Achieve your goals, rock the new year and unlock some sweet, exclusive, yes-they-will-disappear-if-you-don’t-unlock-them rewards! You deserve to live the life of your dreams!