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Season 3 Rock The New Year

Let’s get ripped and strong in 2022 together!

It's Dangerous To Go Alone Zelda

With the launch of Black Box VR Season 3, we are introducing a brand new team feature that will make your workout battles more fun and more motivating than ever. 

Up until now, the Black Box VR workout experience has been a slightly lonely experience. You can add people as friends in the app, follow their progress, share accomplishments, and send each other compliments… but there was no way to work together to achieve game and real-life goals.

That changes now!

Introducing Teams

Now in the Black Box VR companion app, you can start or join a five person team. Once you are on a team, you can begin earning rewards for your workouts AND from the workouts that your team members complete!

Teams Main Page

Season Trophy Rewards

At the beginning of each Season, your Team’s seasonal trophies will be reset to zero. As each team member earns trophies from battle, they will be added to the collective seasonal trophy count.

The more trophies each team member earns over the three month Season, the faster you’ll move up the reward ladder. When a new reward level is reached, every team member will get it!

Team Seasonal Trophy Reward Ladder

For Season 3, you’ll be able to earn exclusive new helmets for your avatar! Can your team get the top one? Many other types of rewards will be added soon, including real-life swag and gifts.

Earn Care Points

Care Points are earned by doing social activities that help support your fellow Black Box VR athletes. You use Care Points to upgrade your Gear items, making you and your Champions more powerful in the Arena.

With Teams, you’ll earn Care Points every time one of your team members completes a workout battle!  Yes, every battle!   You’ll get even more if you can keep them motivated to stay on their workout streak.

Here’s how it works…

Every time one of your team members completes a workout, every team member will receive a gift of Care Points based on their current streak level. Basically, you get 100 Care Points x the current streak.

So if your team member is on a 13 streak, you’ll get 1300 Care Points from that battle!  100 x 13 = 1300.

Care Points

The max Care Points streak multiplier is 25, so anything after that will continue to give 25x Care Points, and not more. 

Every time you go back to the Teams page in the app, you’ll be notified about the Care Points you have received since your last time visiting that page.

You know what this means… your workouts and streaks don’t just help yourself anymore. Every time you complete a battle, your team will benefit!  They’ll be able to get enough Care Points to upgrade their Gear items to higher levels, which helps them to win more battles, which helps everybody to earn more trophies and rewards!

Team Chat and Social Feed

With the new Team chat, you’ll be able to stay connected, keep each other motivated, share accomplishments, and compare strategies!

At first you’ll just share text chats, but soon we’ll enable many other ways to share with your Team.

The Team chat area will also automatically share workout battle reports and accomplishments, making it easy and fun to cheer each other on.

Streak Alerts

Did one of your team members lose their streak? That’s okay, it happens to us all. When you visit the Team main page, you’ll be able to see who is not on a streak so you can send them a motivating message to get them back on track!

Zero Streak Alert

What’s Coming Next?!

This is just the very beginning of our Teams feature!  We have a lot more coming for you soon:

  • Team Quests and XP Rewards
  • Larger Team Sizes
  • Invite and Referral Rewards
  • Team Vs. Team Competitions and Challenges
  • Special Limited-Time Events and Rewards
  • Team Leaderboards
  • Ability to Cheer and Send Support in Real-Time During Workouts
  • Exclusive Game Content Upgrades

Looking For Group!

Our goal is to help you build your personal support group (or guild or clan or whatever you want to call it)! Goals are more easily reached with the help of others. A caring and supportive team makes your journey to lifelong health and fitness as fun and motivating as possible!

Team Page

The only secret to fitness success is consistency over the long-term. Studies show that having social support can make all the difference. Come join us and let’s get fit together. Find a location near you!