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What is it actually like working out inside the metaverse at Black Box VR?

How does it work exactly?
Will the equipment cause motion sickness?
Will it be enjoyable?
Can you get an effective workout in VR?

Is it all just… hype?

Nick Danlag from the Boise Weekly newspaper was determined to find out. He spent one full month as a member at Black Box VR.

Black Box VR 90 Day Transformation Leveled Up

Here is what he had to say:

“Within the first few minutes, I was trying really hard because there was a direct goal and immediate reward for each rep I did. I got a rush every time I took out a wave of minions or destroyed another crystal. At times, it was so enjoyable that it barely felt like a workout.

That isn’t to say it is easy. Far from it. The game is designed to push you to your limit, and as the round goes on, you find yourself slowing down, doing less reps and, if you are like me, wishing you drank more water.”

Are you able to do it, even if you aren’t a technologist or a gamer?

“The design feature I most appreciated was how BBVR paces introducing the features of their game. This isn’t like reading a college textbook or being thrown into a job with no training. BBVR fluidly shows you more exercises, powerups, champions and even a little bit of story. I never felt unsure of what I was supposed to do or how I was supposed to use a certain item.”

Working out in a virtual reality game sounds like it could be lonely. Actually, the opposite is true.

Friends at Black Box VR SF

“The tight-knit community aspect of BBVR surprised me the most during my one-month experience. For a gym all about having your own room and equipment, people at BBVR are pretty social. They’ll ask me how it went, talk about their experiences, tough bosses, guide me through the app and different strategies.”

His final verdict?

“After a month of going basically every other day, I recommend this most to anyone who has had trouble staying consistent at a traditional gym. Working out for an hour-plus is hard to fit into ever busier schedules, so the 30-minute, intense workout was perfect for me. If you are like me and feel like an idiot whenever you try a new machine or exercise, then the privacy of an individual room is perfect.

Black Box VR Private Room

Also, BBVR rewards consistency and gives motivation to come back by unlocking different exercises, like lat pulldowns, deadlifts and shoulder presses, new Champions, minions and even real-world items like pins, t-shirts, sports bags and bottles.”

Check out the full article in the latest issue of the Boise Weekly.

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