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October 21, 2021 – The Black Box VR community has lifted one billion pounds collectively in our virtual reality workout experience.

Wait, can you actually lift weights in virtual reality? Yes, it’s possible at the Black Box VR gym!

Black Box VR combines real strength training and high-intensity cardio with an addictive esports-style video game to help people gain muscle, lose fat, and completely level up their real-life fitness. It’s the first and only experience of its kind, created by fitness industry veterans, exercise scientists, and expert game designers.

The member that lifted the one billionth pound won an Oculus Quest 2!  Long-time Black Box VR athlete Jack Barrett took home the prize.

So how does it work? Let one of our athletes show you:

Black Box VR is a gym with training centers located in San Francisco, Phoenix, Oceanside, and Boise. Just like a regular gym, clients subscribe to a monthly membership that gives them access to the workout experience. 

At our gyms there are private workout booths, each with our custom resistance machine inside. The exercise machine provides the strength training capabilities and is integrated into the virtual reality environment.

Members can quickly schedule their workouts in the Black Box VR companion app. The booth is reserved for them. When it’s time to start, they simply put on the VR headset and begin the game. 

The esports-style game is a mix of an RPG and castle defense. Each workout lasts 30 minutes. To attack and defend, players do exercises like chest press, deadlift, and squats to fire their weapons. Players can also summon Champions to fight for them by doing a slicing and punching cardio pattern. Every exercise and Champion has a different set of abilities, making it critical to use strategy to overcome the NPC competitor!

Virtual Reality Workout Game

The exercise machine automatically tracks every part of their workout and uses that data to choose the appropriate weight for each exercise. Personalized charts and stats are delivered via the companion app.

Come join us in our battle against Rezzer and his henchmen! Let’s save the universe while getting into the best shape of our lives.

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