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We are moving fast here at Black Box VR. Our game developers are continually adding new features to make the game more competitive and fun.  Here are the game updates for October 2019.

New Arenas!
We are super excited about our new arenas. They are more detailed and create a larger scale to make you feel like you’re in a completely different world. Each one has unique characteristics, so every time you level up, it feels like a new game.


Daily quests.
Every day there are three special quests for you to try to complete during your workout battle. The quests are shown on the left side of the scoreboard and are based on your specific Arena. They are the same for every member in the same Arena and are changed daily. Complete them for a special coin bonus! (Note: Soon the daily quests will be shown in the app so you can prepare for them before the battle.)


Increased starting elixir to 1800.
Oh yeah, more elixir to spend!


Minor UI fixes and updates.
Probably things you haven’t noticed, but they’re fixed now. 🙂


Updated table UI to support exercise and character info.



Dynamic session achievement UI.


Character VFX updates.


Interest curve based sound effects & crowd.


Character updates.

    • Hot Rocks
      • Decreased health  -37.5%
      • Doesn’t target minions
      • Increased damage against structures
    • Chill Bill
      • Attack Rate -50%
    • Torcher
      • Health -40%
      • Damage -10%
    • Water Owl
      • Health +30%
      • Attack Rate -75%
      • AoE +10%
      • Damage +300%
    • Spark Crows
      • Damage +50%
      • Attack Rate +25%
    • Kimpale
      • Health +60%
    • Lightning Tiger
      • Cost  -57%


More updates are coming soon! Keep an eye out for the next round of changes, and we’ll see you in the arena.