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In our quest for a fit and healthy life, we need as many tools as we can find to help us stay motivated and active. We know that applying features and design principles from your favorite video games to your workout can actually be fun and addictive. Time will fly by faster than you can say, “all aboard the gain train!”

We are excited to announce that we have added Quests to your favorite fitness experience. This is a whole new way for you to be rewarded for accomplishing special tasks that help you get fit, add variety to your battles, and have even more fun. 

“I’m ready to level up. What are these quests that you speak of that are so important?”

After you finish your training and make it into a League, there are four types of Black Box VR Quests available to you.

Daily Quests: These are quests that you can complete every day in the app. Even on non-workout days, you can check in on your fellow athletes and earn some valuable Coins.


  • Support your fellow athletes by liking three friend feed posts today.
  • Give your teammate a shout by commenting on one friend’s feed post today.

Weekly Quests: You have seven days to accomplish these important tasks. Our week is Monday to Sunday, so be sure to check the app each Sunday night to see what your next quests are. Prepare your battle decks and get ready to get even bigger rewards!


  • Complete at least three workout battles this week.
  • Use a Grenade powerup in battle at least once.
  • Complete 15 sets of Shoulder Press.
  • Use Sheara in at least one battle.

Monthly Quests: Think you can stay focused on your fitness for the entire month? These are the quests for you! These tasks reset on the 1st of each month. Get your game face on and plan to complete them all, one at a time. The only way to complete these quests is to work out three or four times a week and give it your all. There are no shortcuts or cheat codes!


  • Complete 12 workout battles this month.
  • Purchase an item in the Store with Coins.
  • Burn at least 4000 calories in battles.
  • Deploy 200 Aquafists in battles.

Workout Quests: Every time you go to battle, you’ll see new quests for you to try to accomplish in this single workout. You won’t know what they are until you enter the Arena, so be sure you check them out when your battle starts!


  • Do 200 Standing Row reps in one battle.
  • Do three sets of Chest Press in a row.
  • Destroy the Crystal with Shoulder Press.

Let’s see what you’ve got!

“Oh tell me, great Quest Giver, what do I get for completing these valuable tasks for you?”

You’ll get Coins for completing each quest! Complete all of the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly quests and get an even bigger reward. There’s even a Heroic Chest waiting for you if you can complete all of the Monthly quests.

Then spend your Coins to upgrade your Champions, buy Hysterical powerups, and much more. You’ll have even more powerful tools to use in battle, making it easier to climb the ranks and unlock new Arenas.

“I’m ready to go on this epic adventure. What do I have to do first?”

Your first mission, should you choose to accept it, is to open the Black Box VR companion app, check out the available Quests, and get started accomplishing them, one by one. Your future fit, confident self will thank you!