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“Black Box VR is just downright addicting!” We hear this all the time from our Hero Members, and Mitch Alexander is one of those members. Mitch has been consistently working out at Black Box VR for over two years now and has reached a Hero Level of 22. 

We sat down with Mitch to learn more about his Black Box VR journey and what he most enjoys about being a Black Box VR Hero Member. 

BBVR: Thank you, Mitch, for taking the time and sharing a little bit about your Black Box VR experience with us.

How did you discover Black Box? 

Mitch: A few years back, I heard about how Virtual Reality can help kids with Autism. I have a son with Autism, so I was doing some research for Virtual Reality in Boise, Idaho, and came across Black Box VR. It sounded intriguing, so I decided to give it a shot. I reached out to the team and heard back right away and was lucky enough to be put on the beta testing program.  

BBVR: You’ve been with us for a few years now. How many workouts have you completed in the Black Box? 

Mitch: The Black Box mobile app shows my stats at 196 workouts, but I had probably 40 other workouts in the beta testing program, so my guess is about 233 total.

BBVR: That is a lot of consistent workouts! What are your favorite parts of Black Box VR, and what drives you to keep coming back? 

Mitch: I love that I can get a full-body workout in 30-minutes and get on with my day. I don’t have to wait around for a weight machine to open up. I have a private workout booth, and all I have to do is play the game. 30-minutes feels like 10-minutes, and I am sweaty and spent when I finish.

BBVR: What do you like most about the Black Box VR fitness game?  

Mitch: I enjoy the competition and how the game pushes you to get better and stronger over time. There is a sense of satisfaction with each victory and a motivating disappointment in each tie or loss. The gameplay distracts my mind from the exercises, and I push and push to win my battles. 

BBVR: We track almost every movement you do in the Black Box. What in-game achievements are you most proud of?

Mitch: I love the streak count! My longest steak was 40, and that felt so awesome to hit. It’s so motivating attaining a long streak count. Another achievement I’m proud of is hitting the 5000 Lifetime Squat Reps. I love my squats!

BBVR: What was your first workout experience like? How does it compare with other workout programs they have done in the past? 

Mitch: I was in awe for my first experience! The game took a bit of exploration, but the tutorials certainly help, and the overall gameplay is very intuitive. It is simple enough to understand, yet the game is complex enough to keep your mind engaged. Did I say that Black Box VR is addictive? LOL

It’s hard to compare Black Box VR workouts with other fitness programs. Black Box VR is something completely different, and it’s just amazing. I couldn’t say that about any other workout program I’ve done. 

BBVR: What physical and mental results have you achieved by going to Black Box VR? Has it improved your life? If so, in what ways? 

Mitch: I may be in the best physical condition of my life right now. Life has struggles and can wear you down sometimes. Black Box VR gives me an outlet and has made me stronger. I think if done right, VR provides a mental exercise that can make you sharper and help you learn tasks faster because of the immersion you experience. Black Box is not just a physical workout. It’s a mental workout as well. 

BBVR: Any fun gameplay strategies to share? 

Mitch: I try and stick to batting in one lane of the field. That seems to take out the opponent’s crystal a little faster than battling each side of the arena. My favorite power-up is a Hysterical Grenade. It’s an expensive in-game currency but well worth the investment of 120,000 coins. 

BBVR: Hysterical Grenades are great! Who is your favorite champion, and why? 

Mitch: Sunbird is my favorite champion because of her versatility and resilience. She’s a flying champion, so I try and use her to distract from the other champions I deploy on the field. My perfect combination is to deploy Sunbird first and then follow up with the archery champion Skadi. Combined, they do a lot of damage.

BBVR: What is your favorite exercise(s) and why? 

Mitch: I like to warm up with squats, but heavy deadlifts and shoulder presses provide the best results for me.

BBVR: What do you like about the Black Box VR mobile app? 

Mitch: The Black Box VR mobile makes it easy to schedule my workouts and change them when necessary. The workout stats it provides are very insightful, and you can watch your fitness level trended over time. 

BBVR: What type of features would they like us to add in the future? 

Mitch: I would love to be able to workout to my favorite music genre. I love Metallica but realize that it requires expensive licensing. It would be great to have different genres of music to choose from in your workout battles. My vote is for Metal. 

BBVR: Thank you for sharing your Black Box VR experience with us and all your feedback. Do you have any advice for people on the fence about trying Black Box VR for the first time? 

Mitch: Just try it! You will not want to go back to your traditional gym. Black Box VR is a great way to get addicted to fitness.