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Master Sergeant Morgan peers through his binoculars, looking far into the distance.

“Hmm… our efforts have gotten us this far in our war against inactivity and dismal adherence to workout programs. We are slowly advancing, but not fast enough. We must do more!”

He rips the binoculars off and throws them against the tent wall, nearly knocking over the last of the dev unit’s freeze-dried pigeon meat rations. 

“Damnit! Where’s that blasted feature supply drop?” he growls. 

“Sir, we called it in days ago, there must have been…”, First Sergeant J. Bull starts, but is cut off by the faint sound of a helicopter approaching the field. “Wait, I think that’s it!”

“Yes sir, that’s it!  It’s carrying quite a load. Oh my word, that must be one of the biggest supply crates I’ve seen in all of my years in this unit!” First Sergeant Gettel says with his eyes widening. 

Just then, the overloaded helicopter suddenly starts to veer off course.

“Where the sam hill do you think you’re going?! We’re over here!” Colby screams into his walkie-talkie.

Command Pilot Delu squawks back, “There seems to be some type of bug in the navigation system. Hold on. Okay, found it. Heading your way!”

With dust flying in all directions, the helicopter lowers the supply crate to the ground and cuts the cord. From up close, the wooden crate looks even bigger.

“That thing is enormous!  There must be quite a big load of game and app features in there”, Colby remarks. “Let’s take a look. Give me that crowbar, Sergeant.”


We know you love games. There’s nothing like losing track of time while engrossed in an epic adventure or online competition. Our mission is to bring the features and mechanics from your favorite games to your fitness routine. Imagine if you could love your workouts as much as you love saving the world, defeating the dragon, or winning the Grand Prix?  That’s what we are building for you.

Over the last few months we have been working to update our game to make it even better and more addictive! Here’s what you can expect…


The first ever Black Box VR Season is starting now!  Our goal with Seasons is to help keep things fresh and interesting for you with new rewards, new content, and new ways to upgrade your gameplay.

Our first Season will start in early September and go to October 31st, 2021. That gives you two months to accomplish your game and fitness goals before the Season ends.

Here’s how it will work…

Trophy Reset

At the beginning of the Season, your Trophies will be reset down to a lower number, based on where you were before.  This means you’ll start the Season competing against lower level NPC competitors, which should be pretty easy for you. It will be nice to have a few easy battles!

When a Season resets, you will not lose any of your inventory or upgrades. You’ll keep your Champions, Coins, Powerups, and everything else you’ve worked so hard for.

Performance-Based Trophy Rewards

In the past, if you won a battle you would gain 100 Trophies. If you lost a battle, you’d lose 100 Trophies. That meant that your difficulty level would go up or down very slightly. 

With this update, you’ll gain or lose trophies based on how you do in battle. For example:

  • If you win 10000 – 1000, that’s a 9000 point delta. You’ll get 100 Trophies for every thousand points, so in this example you’d gain 900 Trophies. That will move you up quite a bit!
  • If you barely win with a score of 4000 – 3000, that’s a difference of 1000 points. You’ll gain 100 Trophies, which is a small increase in difficulty. 
  • If you lose 2000 – 5000, that means you lost by 3000 points and will lose 300 Trophies. Your next battle will be easier.

You can see the trophy gain or loss at the top of these battle logs:

This change means that you’ll be able to go up (or down) much faster!  Our goal is to get you to your optimum difficulty where you are winning around 55% of your battles. At that point, you’ll be stuck unless you make some upgrades to your exercise levels or battle deck. 

Seasonal Trophy Level

How many Trophies can you gain over these two months? It’s time to find out. It will be worth it because you’re about to get some sick rewards for performing well.

As you move up, you’ll unlock digital and real-life rewards like Chests, Avatar Suits, Helmets, and Black Box VR shirts and hats. The higher you go, the better and more prestigious the prizes are for you to earn and show off!

Experience Points (XP)

With this update we are also introducing Experience Points!  You can earn XP by completing daily, weekly, monthly, or in-battle Quests. We want to reward you for being consistent with your workouts and doing tasks in the app that will help you reach your fitness goals. 

There are two reward tracks for XP:

  • Lifetime XP: This will track your XP since the beginning of your Black Box VR membership. It can only go up. As you move up, you’ll earn fun Titles and banners that go next to your username in the app and on your web profile.

You’ll also unlock Champions, Exercises, Powerups, and Game Features as you move up and hit new XP tiers. The more you battle, the faster you’ll unlock sweet new features!

Seasonal XP: When each Season starts, your Seasonal XP will be reset to zero. You’ll get a fresh start and a brand new list of rewards that will help you WIN more battles.

  • Like what? Well, let’s get to the next section already!


For the first time ever, you’ll be able to upgrade the abilities of your Champions, Exercise Attacks, Towers, Gates, Crystals, and much more!

Gear are items that you earn by moving up the Seasonal XP reward track, which you do by completing Quests. 

Examples of Gear items that will be coming soon:

  • Fire Crit Booster – This Gear item can be equipped to your Avatar. It will give your Fire Exercise Attacks and Fire Champions a boost in the amount of critical damage they can do!
  • Spawn Invisibility – Equip this Gear item to a Champion and it will be invisible for a limited time when spawned.
  • One-Rep Kill – If you equip this Gear item to your Chest Press, there is a small chance that one of your reps will destroy whatever enemy it is targeting.
  • Water Shield – Equip this to your left Gate and your Gate will take less damage from Water attacks.

There will eventually be dozens of Gear items to equip! You can equip up to six Gear items into a single card. What combinations can you discover that make you the OP athlete?

Care Points

Our entire goal is to help create a community of people that are supporting each other on their journeys to optimum health and fitness. With Care Points, you’ll get rewarded for doing things in the game and app that help build social support and motivation. 

At first, it will be tasks like commenting on someone’s Achievements and battle logs. Eventually, we’ll have many more ways for you to squad up and fight the Battle of the Bulge together. Watch this space!

What can you do with Care Points? You’ll be able to upgrade your Gear items, making them even more powerful!  For example:

  • Level 1 Fire Crit Booster: Give you a 1% boost to your Fire critical damage. Meh, not much.
  • Level 2 Fire Crit Booster: Gives you a 2% boost to your Fire critical damage. Better.
  • Level 50 Fire Crit Booster: Gives you a 50% boost to your Fire critical damage. Woah!

As you can see, the more you support other Black Box VR athletes, the more Care Points you’ll get, and the more powerful you will become in the Arena.

How Will You Do This Season?

It’s simple. If you battle three times or more per week, every week, for the entire Season, you’ll earn a crap load of awesome rewards and upgrades! By being consistent, you’ll also be in the best shape of your life. 

Here’s your guide:

  1. At Season start, go to battle to start earning Trophies and moving up.
  2. Earn Chests and Coins through battle and by earning Achievements to upgrade your individual Champion HP and Damage (DPS).
  3. Use your Coins to buy the best consumable Powerups.
  4. Complete daily, weekly, and monthly Quests to earn powerful Gear items that can be equipped.
  5. Support your fellow Black Box VR athletes and earn Care Points, which you can use to upgrade your Gear items.
  6. Maintain your Streak by going to battle at least once every 78 hours to earn Chests, Coins, and Minion Upgrades.
  7. When outside of the Arena, focus on smart nutrition, supplementation, hydration, sleep, and recovery to help you upgrade your body faster.

Do that and you’ll reach a new record tier for your Trophy level and earn all of the best game and IRL rewards. When the next Season reset happens, you’ll start higher up and have a more powerful battle team, making it easier to reach an even higher Trophy level this time.

All of this will be 10x more powerful when we release our next big feature supply drop: Cooperative Teams.

Get ready.