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Our Black Box VR dev team has been working hard on new game updates. Here is just a little snapshot of what’s new!


Improved performance!

  • New Arenas!
  • More Music Tracks
  • Slightly improved form tracking for exercises
  • Cardio Burst time bonus in arenas 3-10, which gives units a bonus amount of health.
  • Updated Chest Spin



  • Spearnado now causes AoE damage on spawn
  • Shield Maiden has an AoE Aura slowing all units in range
  • Archie Sparks shoots a bolt of lightning that can arc and hit up to 3 units
  • Chill Bill slows enemies he hits
  • Ember lights enemies on fire, the fire effect doesn’t go away until the unit dies
  • Spark Crows have new movement and will circle around targets
  • Torcher temporarily causes fire damage to units
  • Lightning Tiger has a new movement effect.
  • New in-game achievement UI for characters and direct damage.
  • Direct Damage UI now shows the damage to be dealt


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Firehawk wouldn’t kill all enemy units
  • Fixed issue causing incorrect coin count to be displayed in-game
  • Fixed issue of incorrectly displayed damage in-game
  • Fixed outline for characters that were not showing up when using power-ups
  • Fixed fitness tip text
  • Fix hero change backward UI pop up
  • Plus many more small bug and cosmetic changes.

Happy Holidays and our next game update will be coming soon!